Firsties write at school every day!  Each week our lesson begins with a read aloud. Students discuss the topic, theme or characters and make connections between their lives and the story.  I model the writing process and then we brainstorm ideas for our own sentences and stories.  Students are all ALL different levels.  We collaborate with partners by sharing our stories, asking for feedback, using those ideas to edit and revise our writing.  Our writing curriculum connects with our social curriculum Caring for Kids.  This encourages clear communication, team work and treating others with kindness and respect.

We also practice handwriting on a daily basis.  We are using the Handwriting Without Tears style.  Please encourage correct pencil grip, careful handwriting and proper placement of letters on the lines.  Students will learn and practice using capitals in the correct places and lower case letters the rest of the time. 🙂

Sentences:  This is a great site where student can practice grammar skills we are learning in class.  Lots of options and grade levels so students get the level of practice they need.


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