Welcome to the new year! Eighth grade is a bittersweet time for all as we begin to think of our students as young adults, about to make the leap into high school. We talk quite a bit about high school this year.

It’s important that we help our students foster habits that will help them be successful in high school. One of our missions as eighth grade team members is to remind them that their road or journey is what they make of it.

We are guides and teachers, but ultimately, the responsibility lies with them to make good decisions, to stay safe, and to understand that the friendships and habits they develop may have a lasting impact on their future.

At Kelly, we have embraced the idea of having a “growth mindset.” This idea is important, because:
•It negates the idea that our intelligence is hardwired or part of our genetics. “I’m not good at math, because my dad/mom was not good at it either.”
•It suggests that hard work can overcome deficits, the idea that persistence can create success. “I’m not good at math, but I can get better if I work hard and access all my resources.”

Please help your student by monitoring homework completion. It will occur at least three times per week and must be completed with thought and care. High school will be brutal if they are not able to complete homework and do a good job on it.

If they have no homework, they should read or write in a personal journal. Help them stay away from too much TV, Facebook, or video games.

Best wishes for a great year!