Shelli’s News

Important Dates

June 19- Art & PJs party in Mme Shelli’s Class.  Students will also have a “level up” meeting with next year’s teachers at the end of the day.  They’ll get a chance to go to their new classrooms and meet the 5th grade teachers.

June 22- Last day of school- 11:00 Dismissal & Field Day Celebration.  Students will bring home report cards.

Wrapping up English Language Arts & Health

Students finished Keynote presentations and speeches on a health topic of their choice last week. Evaluations of their speeches and their final health test will come home early this week.  We continue our healthy human body study this year with articles about some world health and summer safety topics.  We’ll also enjoy a fun game of jeopardy on Wednesday.

Students will get a chance to do some more writing this week.  (Yes, even on the last week of school, we’re still doing academics!) Students will get to write some fun partner fiction stories.  They’ll bring home their rough draft writing notebooks on Wednesday so you can see the different kinds of stories they wrote this year.  Up to this point, you’ve seen mostly final drafts. 

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed teaching your bright and enthusiastic children this school year.  I wish you all a restful and safe summer.

Shelli Hopper-Moore


Fidget Spinners

Wow!  The fidget spinner crazy has quickly swept the school.  As with any toy, these should be left at home.  The spinners are very distracting in class & are also causing some disagreements on the playground.  The staff has made a no fidget spinner or fidget cube rule school wide.

Kurt is retiring! Let’s send him off right!

Kurt Lovinger, our beloved and dedicated custodian is retiring after more years that I can count in French!  We would like to send him off with our thanks and well wishes.  Each teacher will have a red or blue folder/binder to compile pictures or notes that the kids want to draw or write.  Please keep it to 8-1/2 x 11 size or smaller.  We are hoping to have a quick call out during field day to say a group thank you and present him with the notes to read in retirement.
Thank you,
Eric Anderson

Shelli’s News

Special Dates

 June 6-7- State Math Testing in Mme Jana’s class

June 9- Tour de Monde (Jog-A-Thon)

June 16- No School for students, Teachers prepare report cards

June 22- Last day of school- 11:00 Dismissal & Field Day Celebration

Leaving school before June 22nd?

Please let both Shelli & Jana know as well as the office.  We will try to get your child’s supplies sent home on their last day at school.  Report Cards will not be ready before the last day of school, so please arrange to pick up the report card before June 30 in the office or you can pick it up after August 20.  

Tour de Monde (Jog-a-thon)

Friday June 9.  Our class will be running from 10:15-11:15.  You are welcome to come help punch cards, cheer, and run along with us.  Please have your child wear to school that morning appropriate clothing, running shoes, and sunscreen and bring a water bottle.  Students will put their running “bibs” on in class on Friday. Younger siblings may come home with these on Thursday. 

Integrated English Language Arts & Health Study

This integrated unit synthesizes a number of the skills we’ve learned this year.  As a group, we will read about basic body systems.  Then, students  will choose a topic for further study.  For our English Language Arts requirements, students will read non-fiction, take notes about main ideas and details, and do an oral presentation to the class.  For their 2-3 minute presentations, students will be creating a 5-7 Keynote slide presentation to go along with their speech.  

Not only will students be reading and writing about the human body, but we’re integrating some some scientific exploration and French, too. Today, for example, students graphed their heart rates while resting, walking, and jumping rope.  Tomorrow, as part of our discussion of nutrition & digestion, they’ll be learning about the food groups in French and will be learning a game called “Les sept familles”  based on the food groups.

In addition, we will have four medical professionals come talk to the class about their jobs. Thank you to Dr. Sim, Dr. Cadaret,  Alice Webb, and Dr. Chris Webb for offering to visit our classes over the next few weeks.


Salem Trip & English News

Salem Trip

A big thank you to all of the parents who helped our field trip run smoothly despite a few unexpected hiccups along the way!  Here are some photos of our trip taken by students.  I hope everyone learned a little something new.


We hope to wrap up English state testing this week.  District EasyCBM testing will take place next week. In one class period students will be taking the required progress monitoring test to check students’ reading comprehension and vocabulary.  I will also be meeting with individuals to listen to their reading fluency in a one minute read.  The district testing is much shorter and since it takes place three times per year, students are quite accustomed to the procedures.  After that, Mme Jana will do state and district math testing.

New Unit: Healthy Bodies

We will begin our Healthy Human Body unit after Memorial Day.  Students will be learning about major systems in the human body and how we keep our body healthy. (The reproductive system will not be covered in this unit.) I’ve arranged for a few health professionals to visit in the coming weeks.  They will share about their training, jobs and about how they help keep people healthy. 

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