Le français

Amazon Audible – While schools are closed, you can listen to many stories on Audible for free! They have a good selection of French stories. Listen!

Mon Quotidien – A daily French news site for 10 to 14-year-olds. There are some great news articles that are engaging, age-relevant, and at a level of French that is challenging but still comprehensible.

1jour1actu – Another great daily French news site intended for kids. This site also features many materials to quiz kids on their reading comprehension of short articles.

Larousse – Conjugating, translating, quizzes, etc.

Bescherelle – Conjugating, quizzes, dictations, etc.

BBC Languages – This British website has all kinds of videos, quizzes, and articles on learning French.

Brainscape – A site to learn French. A lot of flashcards, most of them free. You have to pay to have the full version, but plenty of learning for free.

Mila 1001 Histoires – (This does not seem to be working correctly right now.) An interactive website centered around the character of the young francophone, Mila. Students can watch videos, listen to podcasts, and more. There are also little quizzes that go with many of the interactive activities. 

Languages Online – This great Australian government website is geared towards young French language learners. There are many interactive thematic activities based around such content as companion animals, favorite pastimes, days & months, friends, and more.

Le Point Du FLE – A great platform that has links to many different French word games focused on witty wordplay and logic.

About French – The French section of the online encyclopedia site About.com. The site is subdivided into many different key components of the French language. Sign up for the daily newsletter for a structured dose of French or check back in at your own pace.

Bonjour de France – Tons of online quizzes at a number of levels. I would suggest the initial level for most students.

Jeux de Mots – A wide array of various interactive word games. 

Listening practice.org  – Verb conjugation practice.

Conjugospeed – A verb conjugating app you can install for free from Google Play.

L’homme pendu – Hangman in French!

Duolingo – Free site to learn a wide range of languages.

Les coccinelles – A site with lots of different activities at easier levels.

Worksheets in French

The first document is the worksheet. The second (corrigé) is the corrections.

conjugaison pronoms          conjugaison pronoms corrigé     

conjugaisons au présent -er         conjugaisons au présent -er corrigé

English to French translate sentences       English to French translate sentences corrigé 


Word Reference – A very thorough and efficient online language dictionary and translator. There are also some good forums for grammar and cultural information.

avoir être faire aller – The four most used irregular verbs conjugated in the present tense.


Tap’Touche – Our French typing link. Your log-in is the first initial of your first name followed by your last name (all lowercase,  no spaces.) Your password is the first initials of your first and last names followed by your 6-digit lunch pin (all lowercase, no spaces.)


FossWeb – This is our science unit company. Children can sign in to our class page with the Class Username Sciences20, and the password sciences to read the texts, try the extensions and use the interactive games.

Brain POP – The science portion of the Brain POP cartoon series. These informational videos (w/ quizzes) treat human anatomy, cellular biology, genetics, health and more.

Hello World – Visually centered interactive games & activities that involve animals as well as build basic French skills.


Google Maps – We will use this to locate our francophone countries.

Les drapeaux – Francophone country flags.

Wikipedia français – Search for information about your country in French.

Liste de pays francophones  – List with links to French-speaking countries. Official language is French, versus language important, versus other French-speaking countries.

Cartes interactives de France – Visually-centered interactive games & activities to help learn France’s geography, including rivers, regions, cities, etc.

French cities – Locate major cities of France.

France’s neighboring countries – Interactive map to locate the countries that border France. 

French-speaking countries – Interactive map to locate francophone countries of the world.

French-speaking countries of Africa – Interactive map to learn about, practice locating, and be quizzed on the French-speaking countries of Africa.

World maps, etc. – Interactive map to locate countries, continents, oceans, etc. all over the world. Many options.

Regions of Europe – Interactive map to locate countries of the world.