Summer Enrichment

Free Online Summer Challenge- Parents sign up for weekly math challenges

Love Maths – easy to follow card games that promote math fluency

Maths for Kids Youtube videos for more math fluency games


Games to Play as a Family – no tech needed

Fraction war (May be played with regular deck remove face cards)

Multiplication Games to play at home without a screen

More non-screen games to try

How to play the challenging game “24” – Downloadable 24 cards here


Multiplication War with multiplication or addition

Greedy PIG – Multipication version played the same way, but multiply the dice together each time.

TicTacToe “15” with cards

Pyramid Solitare


Multiplication Practice

Helpful hints to learn all facts up to 10 x 10

Songs & Videos for multiplication

Online flash cards

Multiplication Songs by Mr. DeMaio

Math Games Now

Practice Multiplication Fact Cards

Halloween Multiplication puzzle

Division Horse Derby

Halloween Division puzzle

Least common multiple snowball fight

Math Fact Quizzes – try for 95% accuracy in 2-3 minutes

Multiplication x0-x9 Self-Correcting quiz

Division x0-x9 Self-correcting quiz

Area Model & Partial Product Multiplication Video 1 Video 2. Video 3

Multiplication array card practice


Games & Videos to Review 4th Grade Topics

Math Videos for 4th graders

PBS Cyberchase Math

4th Grade Arcademics: Math & English review


Fraction Fling

Sushi Fractions

Dolphin Fractions

Khan Academy Equivalent Fractions: Teaching video

Cuisenaire Rod Activity with Fractions

 Explore Multiples and factors

Factor Game

Function Machine Game

Product Game

Place Value Practice

Place Value Games

Rounding Games

Place Value Millionaire

Addition & Subtraction

Adding Money Games

Visual model of addition with regrouping teaching video

Visual Model of subtraction    Subtraction with regrouping-2 digit       Expanded form & subtraction

Math Problem Solving  

You Tubed- Standford University’s math puzzles for kids

3 Act Math Tasks- Videos that make you think

Problems of Month 4th Grade

Greg Tan Math Games

Pattern sequences

Division Strategies

Video #1        Video #2   

Video #3        Video #4 – Division Progression


Telling Time

4th graders should be able to tell time to the minute.

Level 1: Reading Clocks

Level 2: Elapsed Time

Level 3: Elapsed Time 2

Level 4: Time Patterns

Level 5: Start & End times

Level 6: Start & End Times 2

Level 7: Advanced Elapsed Time           

Kahn Tutorials

Telling Time Practice & Games

Math Tools

Fraction Maker Tool

Base Ten Block Tool

Protractor Practice

More Math Learning Center Tools


Math Review Sites

Quizlet: 4th Grade geometry review

Quizlet: 4th grade prime/ composite review

Quizlet: 4th grade fraction review

Quizlet: 4th grade area & perimeter review

Math Online Resources for Parents

4th Grade math at a glance for parents

4th Grade math detailed for parents