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Journeys Resources

Journeys Student Textbook

Journeys Student Readers Here

Journeys Online “Think Central”

Journeys Topic Links

Lesson 1: Because of Winn Dixie Book Trailer , Dewey Decimal Video

Lesson 2: I Have a Dream Speech.  Kid President MLK,  Civil Rights Movement 

Oregon’s Civil Rights Movement

Lesson 3:  Kenya Library   Columbian Library  Little Free Libraries

Lesson 4: Storycorps:Bookmobile

Lesson 5: Tales from Longhouse Storyteller      Jonny Appleseed    Sea Chantey: Leave Her Johnny   John Henry – true story

Lesson 6:  War of the Worlds Text,  War of the Worlds Radio Recording(11:48), Who’s on First Broadcast, Radio Play Sound Effects

Lesson 7: Radio Foley Artists   Movie Foley Artists  DreamWorks Behind the Scenes  Greek & Latin Roots

Lesson 8:Romare Bearden Collage    Sidewalk Artists    Artist research      Matisse website     Idioms

Lesson 9: Parts of  a friendly letter

Lesson 10:  Jose Limon Biography  Jose Limon 2  metaphor/ simile   metaphor/simile    Types of dance

Lindy Hop 1  Lindy Hop 2

Lesson 11: Prepare for Severe Weather Articles   Hurricanes  Bill Nye Weather

its it’s    there/they’re their    your you’re

Lesson 14: Fire Ants  Leaf Cutter Ants  Acacia Tree Ants Insects and Arthropods   Ant lion trap         Bill Nye Invertebrates

Ant and Grasshopper Fable video 1  video 2  Ant and the Dove   Aesop’s Fables 

Lesson 18: Greek Myths for Kids     More Greek Myths for Kids     Greek Myths National Geographic     Narcissa    Pandora

Books to read:   Perseus                     Icarus

Lesson 25: Automaton Video      Author’s Purpose Game     Author’s Purpose Overview  

Magazine: Spiders: Kid Zone, National Geographic  Spiders for Kids,  San Diego Zoo: Spiders

Novel: Phineas L MacGuire Gets Slimed Novel Audio chapters 1-6    chapter 9   chapter 11   chapter 12   chapter 13-15   








Human Body Unit

Le Corps Jeux – How many body parts can you name in French?

Put man together

Easy body games

More Challenging human body games

String Games -For Fun

Cup & saucer, witches broom, and Eiffel Tower

Cat’s craddle (with a partner)

Cat’s whiskers

Spider Web

Jacob’s Ladder

Open the gate

Cat’s Craddle by yourself –  instructions starts 1:20 mins. into the video

Soft Rain Resources

Soft Rain Files                             Cherokee Information

Chungke Game                               Trail of Tears Video

Sing Down the Moon Resources

Navajo Information                   Canyon de Chelly                       Navajo Stick Game

Rock Cycle Articles

Types of Rocks Articles

Weathering: How Rocks Are Shaped

Rock Cycle image & info

Rock Cycle Song