Oregon Native American Resources


Oregon Tribes Magazine

Traditional Native American homes,  

Salmon  cooking salmon video,       

  Alphabetical Tribe List ,     Information about Oregon tribes,



Dugout Canoes,  NW Coast Canoe Building  

Oregon Basketry   Indigenous Footwear.     Oregon’s 1st Engineers

Tool videos:   atlatl           leister               metate/ mano (grinding stones)


Chinook Facts,  Chinook Clothing, 

Chinook FactsChinook Indians for Kids,

Chinook People, Chinuk Wawa Language


Nez PerceNez Perce History

Nez Perce National Park, Nez Perce Horses

Nez Perce Horses Today       Nez Perce Flute & Language


Takelma Today

Takelma National Park Service,  Takelma Beliefs,

Takelma & their neighbors, Treaty of Table Rock,

Use of Fire, Takelma Wikipedia


  Klamath Indians for kids,  Klamath Facts, 

Klamath beliefs about Crater Lake link: https://oe.oregonexplorer.info/craterlake/history.html#legend

Tule Grass, Klamath Wikipedia


Tillamook tools,   Spirit of the Tillamook,

Tillamook people, Tillamook Clothing,

Tillamook facts, Tillamook clothing & more


Northern Piaute facts

 National Park: John Day Paiute information,

Tule Grass, High Desert, Paiute for Kids facts


 Kalapuya near SalemOregon Encyclopedia

LCC Research, Use of FireKalapuya Wikipedia


Books we have in our class:

 Chinook,                         Takelma,      

Tillamook,                       Nez Perce Book (Nez Perce Recorded)  

Northern Paiute,               Klamath 



Oregon’s ecosystems

Forests: link to 6 state forests types of Forests      Diverse Forests

Mountains: List of Oregon’s Mountains       25 Beautiful Mountains in Oregon   Cascade Mountains

High Desert: Treasures in the Desert       Desert in Oregon   The Wild Desert

Oregon Coast:


Lewis & Clark Resources

Information from National Geographic Kids

Lewis & Clark Journals

Animals drawn in journals by Lewis & Clark

Who traveled with Lewis & Clark? (Biographies – also google their names for more information)



Choose your own adventure Game (Good for interesting trivia)


Videos: Journey West   Ft. Clatsop  Ft. Mandan  Lewis & Clark Animated by kids   Sacagawea True Story    Pompey’s Pillar   Newfoundland Dog    Sacagawea        Native American Sign sample

Lewis & Clark in their Own Words Recordings 

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Oregon Facts

Oregon Facts

Enchanted Learning

Even more state facts


Oregon Trail & Moving West

Fort Vancouver

Oregon Trail

Pioneer Clothing

 California Trail & Pioneers

Oregon’s Black Pioneers


Oregon Trail Center Museum

California Gold Rush Simulation

Retro Oregon Trail game

Notable Pioneers

Oregon’s Black Pioneers

Wiley Griffin

Jim Bridger      Jedediah Smith            Joe Meek                   Hugh Glass

Kit Carson         John Grizzly Adams         John Jacob Astor    Manuel Lisa