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4j Family Tech Resources (Start here if you need help)

Seesaw Family app: An introduction for parents & the family app

Seesaw Student app: How to get started for students & families

Create a link to a website on home screen of iPad

How to Navigate Journeys online student book

Seesaw – Check your journal for teacher comments and items to edit

4j Technology Help

#1 – If you’re having trouble with your device, power it off & restart. This solves many problems.

#2 – If powering off & on doesn’t help, clear your browser’s cache.

#3 Need more assistance? Parents can email or call for help with school devices or Seesaw questions.  email:   Phone: 541-790-7770










Below are links Mme Shelli wants to keep…

Spelling Practice

Spelling City Spelling Practice


 Typing Club                       More Typing Games

Roots, Prefixes, Suffix Games

Word Games (Don’t click on ads)

Language games and activities

Health Readings & Research

Use first   How the Body Works: Kids Health,

Use Second:  Ducksters Biology

After looking through all resources here, try  SEARCH ENGINE FOR KIDS 

Body Systems

National Geographic Kids Human body              Science For Kids:  Human Body

Teeth                  more about healthy teeth

Eyes                    Genes         More about Genes

Effects of DRUGS and ALCOHOL on the body

Effects of alcohol on human body,      PBS kids Dangers of alcohol for kids

Effects of smoking on human body,     PBS kids Dangers of smoking

Dangers of drugs for kids          What kids should know about drug use 

Friends & Peer Pressure to use drugs


Kids’ Health 1st Aid,      British 1st Aid page


What’s in food              Nutrients & what they do                  Nutrition for Kids

Organic Foods Parenting Magazine article       Organic foods Time Magazine article

Food Allergies               Food Allergies explained for kids


Infectious Disease           

Cancer                       Chemotherapy treatment          Cancer Video      What is cancer?

Immune System               Heart Disease           Immune System



jobs   more jobs 

Human Body Games

Le Corps Jeux

Les parties du corps match game

Science Link- Put man together

Prongo Human Body Quiz

 Body Parts Quiz (turn down the sound)

Le Corps Jeux

Les parties du corps match game  

Biography searches

Bio. com search

Ducksters for kids has some biographies

You can search more information at this site, too.

Opinion Writing:  Zoos Research

How Stuff Works :  The Debate about zoos

How Stuff Works: Zoos can help 

How Stuff Works Zoos can be harmful 

All about Animals

Zoos Are Good

Global animal- Zoos Good or Bad

Africa Geographic Zoos Good or Bad

Greek Myth Resources

Greek Myths for Kids                      More Greek Myths for Kids

Greek Myths National Geographic

French & English Review

4th graders should know the correct order & spelling in English & French.

English Months – Keep practicing these if you need to.

French Months – Everyone can use more practice on these.

French Days of the week –  Everyone can use more practice on these.  Here’s a slower link where you sing along while reading.

Game with French days of week.

Game of French months.

A history of months & week names

Where do we get the names of our months?

Where do we get names of weeks?  A longer explanation can be found here.