February Updates: Massive Google Update-Docs in Canvas!!

By hadley_n  

In this issue: 

  • Google Assignments in Canvas
  • Canvas-Synergy Grade Sync Updates
  • Reminder- MI code is now available!
  • New Integration Information: Cengage/NatGeo(SS)
  • Robots available for checkout!
  • TechArticles to Use in Class

Google Assignments in Canvas!🤩

FINALLY!!! A feature teachers have been asking for since the adoption/invention of Canvas. Full Google integrations in Canvas! 

That’s right! The new and improved Google Assignments LTI 1.3 allows teachers to create assignments in Canvas that will automatically distribute Google docs/slides/etc to students, keep them organized, and will now allow teachers to navigate through Canvas to the students’ documents to provide real-time feedback and comments on student work. When students are ready to submit, they can use the Google Assignments LTI to submit directly to SpeedGrader where teachers can provide feedback in Canvas so that students receive notifications and reminders to check that feedback from teachers. Students can resubmit, generate new documents if they delete one on accident, and also tag their teachers in comments within Docs (using the @ feature) that will automatically send an email to the teacher. This feature is available to staff NOW. 

A full video walkthrough is available here. (9 minutes)
In the video you will learn how to create a Google Assignment with the new LTI (learning tool integration) and explore its features. 

Canvas-Synergy Grade Sync Updates

The syncing between Canvas and Synergy is becoming easier with new updates in our coding and processes. Now, every single course in our Canvas instance will have the Nightly Gradesync option activated by default starting week 1 of the new trimester/semester.  For a full walkthrough on how to setup your gradebook to sync with Synergy please see these materials, for a video walkthrough click here.

‘MI’ code available!

Staff, you can now use the ‘mi’ code in both the Gradebook, and SpeedGrader to mark assignments Missing for students!

Canvas Integrations Update/ Info


I know the naming is difficult to get around but if you are using the Social Studies curriculum provided by National Geographic and Cengage, Canvas refers to it as Cengage while the actual portal to the product and materials is on a platform called MindTap. Just wanted to clarify that verbiage for folks. 
To access Cengage’s materials in your Canvas instance please see the latest integration materials here- https://4j.instructure.com/courses/26934/pages/cengage-integration




We have a variety of robotics available to checkout from Library Services! 

We have OzoBots, MicroBits, as well as EdisonBots and more advanced kits such as the SparkInventor kits. 

We do have pre-made MicroBit lessons in the Canvas Commons! Check them out by going to Commons in Canvas and typing in MicroBits.


Click here for more information!

Tech Articles You Can Use!

These articles are primarily from NewsELA and other sources and can be used to entice students to discuss the repercussions, uses, pros/cons, of technology and more so AI in our ever evolving world. 


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