January 2024

By hadley_n  


Hadley Herald: January 2024 Edition


  • Semester 2 Canvas Information
  • 4J AI Guidance 
  • New Quizzes in Canvas (Updates and Training Options)
  • Other Insights/Tips and Tricks


Semester 2 Canvas Information:

Semester 2 Canvas Shells will be released to populate onto Dashboards on Wednesday, January 24th. “Released” means that depending on your individual school’s readiness, they are able to be populated. If a school has not released/pushed schedules out from Synergy, they will not yet flow to Canvas. If you are not seeing your courses by the morning of, Thursday, January 25th, please check with your building registrar, if they have released schedules from Synergy, and it’s been overnight, please contact edtech@eugene4j.freshservice.com with Canvas in the subject line. 

Canvas Templates (Already Available): 

There are a variety of templates already available for import/download in the Canvas Commons. There are templates available in English, Spanish, and French, for both Middle School and High School. Please pay attention closely to the template titles so you import the correct one. Additionally, if you are working with Quarters, just don’t publish the modules you don’t need, and then you can import into Q4 directly from Q3. 

My goals are to include other languages like Mandarin and Japanese in the future. 

Remember if you need assistance setting up your new course there are lots of resources here
Consider the following: 

As Semester 1 comes to a close, please be sure to go to your Grade book, and Export all Grades, then email the downloaded file to your building registrar for safe keeping. 

Syncing Grades: 

There are updated, and hopefully, improved, instructions available for setting up the Canvas-Synergy Gradebook Sync. 


4J AI Guidance : 

The tech team has been working on an Artificial Intelligence Guidance document for 4J staff. This document will be updated and changed as we learn more, but it’s a place to start. It provides definitions as to what AI is, how it can be, and already is, used in everyday life, Generative AI, as well as goals we hope to accomplish for training for staff in the future. This document is not an “end-all-be-all” for this venture. If there are those interested in forming some sort of conversational group, please let me know. 

At this time the guidance can be viewed here, we are working toward getting it linked on the 4J website. 

New Quizzes Training and Resource Course: 

Canvas has provided all its users a free training course on how to use the New Quizzes feature! While there are still bugs with New Quizzes, this resource is available to all of us in Canvas. To access it, click on the Help icon in the lower left corner of Canvas, and then click on the Training Services Portal. 

You will find it as the first element: 














Other Insights: 

Have a curious wondering about a piece of technology or software? Please drop me a line any time at hadley_n@4j.lane.edu. 

An article on creating assignments that are harder to do with AI.

MagicAI Tools (for Teachers!) 


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