Winter 2023

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  • Canvas Updates
  • Canva Creative Suite Launch! 
  • Generative AI Guidance and Resources
    • AI Tools for Teachers (Things you can use RIGHT NOW)
  • EdTech In Your Classrooms!
  • Input Welcome!


Canvas Updates- 

Temporary Enrollments

Beginning in January when we return from winter break, Canvas will release the option to provide temporary enrollments to courses. Finally allowing us to assign guest and substitute teachers to a course and then having that enrollment expire and remove at a given date. More communication regarding this will be sent out to buildings when the release date is made public, it is still in development and only available for testing at this time. 


Google Apps LTI 1.3

We made the move to Google Apps LTI 1.3 already in fall of last year, but in the coming months Canvas and Google are going to be working even better together, allowing for smoother Collaborations on GDocs, as well as added support for Google Assignments with Forms, Jam Boards and other Google products. For instructions on how to successfully use the Google App in Canvas, and stop the need for “make a copy” links and lost docs in GDrive, click here


TurnItIn LTI 1.3

Folks are still unsure if we have Turn It In at our four brick and mortar HS buidlings, yes we do! The setup instructions are located here





We are now a Canva for Education District! This is not to be confused with our already existing Canvas LMS tool. Canva for Education is a powerful digital media editing and product designing site that we can now access as a district. To login, simply go to and click Login with Google. If you have an existing account and it does not automatically redirect you, simply log out, and click Login, and click Continue Another Way. Enter your 4J email, and it will redirect you! 

What this means for you: 
-Grades 6-12 can use Canva directly from Canvas LMS and have those courses rostered, meaning students can turn things in directly to their course! Presentations and posters galore! 
-Students have the ability to interact with Canva’s AI Tools that are safe and geared towards appropriate usage by minors. See Magic Design. Note that Magic Write only has 500 uses per user annually! The rest have unlimited uses. 
– Canva can provide teachers with pre-built lessons and ideas to use in their classes today! 
– ALL 4J users (Student and employee) can go to and click on the option to Login with Google to be taken to the 4J version, if you have an existing Canva Account, you will see the option to change Teams in your account icon. 
– Canva for Canvas LMS is coming this month! Canvas users will see a Canva for Education link appear in the left-hand side menu of all their courses (this integration will auto populate upon our first connection, but will not be part of future courses). Using that link, you are able to connect Canvas to Canva for Education and assign work, and have student turn Canva made assignments into Canvas LMS. 

Generative AI Guidance and Tools

Eugene 4J is currently working on a formal AI Guidance for staff in students, but in the meantime I am able to provide you with some vetted tools that you as teachers can use in your classes or in preparation of classroom materials. 

Curipod– is a free to teachers tool that generates slides with interactivity (quizzes/knowledge checks, etc) that are based on learning standards. Curipod is fully integrated and will also allow you to upload a powerpoint (export from G Slides) and “Curify” them into AI powered slides. The reactions from teachers and students is overwhelmingly positive for this tool. – Perplexity is a tool that will allow users to look up articles online in a safe way that will also help students cite their sources, and find accurate information with the assistance of AI. Additionally, this tool can provide summaries, but not essays for students. This tool can be used without an account any time, but is students can also use their 4J Google account to log in so they can maintain a search history.  Note that this tools is not approved for users under the age of 13 per their own terms of service. For an example of how Perplexity responds- click here

Flexi- The AI Tutor: has developed an AI Tutor for students to use, students can log in via Google at the site linked above and get basic help with specific topics in science, math, ELA, and SS without the AI providing copyable content. This app also is pre-approved as part of  and is FERPA and COPPA compliant. 

EdTech in the Classroom! 

Remember that we always have robotics kits that you can check out any time! 

Take a look here at what Sarah Heacox-Jackson has done with her students over at SEHS. 


Input welcome! 

Do you have fun ways you’ve implemented EdTech in the classroom? Let me know! 

How about something you want researched, or something you want to know more about? Feel free to drop me a line, send an email to, OR you can leave a comment on this post and it will email me as well! Whatever is easier for you! 

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