Ahhh! Mrs. Steeves has PINK EYE!!!

I have missed you all so much and was looking forward to seeing you.  I hope you all had a restful break.  I will be back on Wednesday. Be good, helpful, and respectful today!!  

Block Periods 1-2/4-5:

  1. Book Love will occur AFTER you finish today’s assignment.
  2. Read Chapter 1 from the tan/black text books.  
  3. Complete the foldable (Ms. Rocheleau will show you how to fold and cut it before you begin reading). ** Also, there is a large sample one on the bulletin board in my classroom, but it does not have illustrations on the front – so make sure you add illustrations to the front of yours!
  4. Due at the end of the second block period. If you finish early, please read your Book Love book silently. 

AVID: Period 6

AVID Video link: Fault vs. Responsibility by Will Smith

Answer the following questions with COMPLETE sentences.  You will lose points if you do not use correct grammar.

  1. Explain fault vs. responsibility in relation to your own life. 
  2. How can taking responsibility when something is not your fault change your path in life?
  3. Think about some components of your life that are not your fault (i.e. economic status, religion, race, sexuality, family addictions, abuse, missing parents, …etc.). Write down some of the things in your life that are not your fault, but makes it difficult for you to feel successful at times.  How are you going to take responsibility to take control of your future? Explain. 
  4. Turn in this written response to the in-bin.  

Vision Collage

You will now make a vision collage.  What will your vision for 2019 be? Use magazines images, words, and letters to convey your vision.  I focused on certain words that have value to me, in addition to images that help the words come to life.  You may reference mine as an example, but I want yours to be unique to you. 

  • The size of your Vision boards fit on an 8 ½” x 11” sheet of paper.
  • Images/words must cover the entire page.
  • Completed vision boards will be placed in your portfolios after you have presented them.

Due: The end of the period on 1/9/19 (Wednesday).