A Wonderful World of Discovery

Month: January 2019

Sub Plans: Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2019

Hello my lovely students, 

I hate to be out again, but I have a District Literacy Team meeting all day today.

Please refer to the Google Classroom for the assignments.  You will need headphones, as you will be watching a video INDIVIDUALLY and answering questions INDIVIDUALLY. 


  1. Book Love – 20 mins
  2. Answer quickwrite via google classroom. (worth credit!)
  3. Watch video and answer quiz questions. (worth credit!)
  4. Watch video sample and write your own analysis of a commercial of your choice. (worth credit!)

This lesson is in preparation for our persuasive speech. Please turn everything in via google classroom.

Thank you for being awesome and helpful for our guest teacher!

Popsicles on Thursday as long as all goes well today!


Sub Plans: Friday, 2/25/19

Sorry guys! I’m out again. Please continue to be good.  I know I can count on you!

Safety Drill

** We will have a safety drill today. Please follow the directions when the announcements come on. I don’t know which period, but have your jacket handy when you evacuate for the fire drill.

Attn: Locker Clean-Out day is today after school.  They will announce it over the speaker system.  Students need to show their assigned teacher that they took all the junk out of their locker (ie. food, library books, trash…etc).


Periods 1/2 and 4/5: Block Class

Students are currently working on their  First Day Cover project.  Things students should have turned in by the end of today:

  1. Typed research summary. Make sure all of the following requirements are met:  
    • One page ONLY.
    • No smaller than 10 pt font
    • Single Space
    • Landscape (Click on “file”, then select “page set up” and select “Landscape”)
    • Two columns (Click “format” and select “columns”. Choose the option for 2 columns)
    • Works cited is a separate page (use easybib to help you, or go to the Purdue site)
    • Write your name on the BACK of your papers. Do NOT staple them together.
    • Turn the research summary and the works cited page into the in-bin.
  2. Originally designed Stamp:
    • Price: Forever
    • Title, Date,
    • Label: United States Postal
    • Use black felt tip pen
    • Color all (including border)
    • Put name on back and turn in
  3. Students should be finishing up their cachet.  They took notes on this yesterday on how to do it.  They must show the teacher their cachet rough draft BEFORE they can pick up the white cardstock to make their final draft. If they finish it, they will turn it into the in-bin also.
  4. If a student finishes all of the above assignments, they may work on the additional Native American Mandala Art -OR- they may work on something from another class. They may NOT play games on the computer.

Period 6: AVID

Students may have a work day. Work on missing assignments from other classes because next Friday is progress report day.  I want you to get anything in that is missing.

IF you can show Ms. Hickok you have EVERYTHING turned in (no missing assignments), then you may play board games from the tall cupboard.  As you’re playing games, you could also have a brief discussion about your week and talk about our month’s theme: kindness.

Period 7: Advisory

 Binder clean up!  Use the hole punch and punch holes in any papers that are thrown in there loosely.  Advise them not to recycle anything until they are sure it is recorded in their grade.

Check your grades on Student vue and write them down on a piece of paper – Don’t forget to put your name on it!!  Turn them in to Ms. Hickok. This is how you  will get credit for the period. If you have missing assignments, you need to make sure to get them in since Friday is progress report day.

Students may play board games during advisory if they have NO missing assignments.  Share with each others groups things that you did that were kind for others and kind things others did for you.  Ms. Hickok may walk around to hear what you have to share. 

1/24/19: Sub Plans

Block Classes

**Please sit in your previous seating arrangement!

  1. Book Love 20 minutes
  2. Cachet Notes
  3. Finish typing your research summary. Make sure you meet the following requirements. 
    • One page ONLY.
    • No smaller than 10 pt font
    • Single Space
    • Landscape (Click on “file”, then select “page set up” and select “Landscape”)
    • Two columns (Click “format” and select “columns”. Choose the option for 2 columns)
    • Works cited is a separate page (use easybib to help you, or go to the Purdue site) 
    • Write your name on the BACK of your papers. Do NOT staple them together. 
    • Turn the research summary and the works cited page into the in-bin.
  4. Begin working on your Stamp. This is due tomorrow (Friday).  If you finish, you may begin working on your cachet.  
    • (Jasmine B has already done hers and her rough draft is on my front table.  She knows how to do it, so she can help in period 4-5).
  5. If you finish all of this, then read silently or work on assignments from another class. Remember, grades are being posted next Friday, 2/1.  Get all your work in! 
  6. ATTN:  period 5 – if you are in AVID, please help the tutors get the classroom set up for tutorial for period 6. Thanks!


  1. Today is Tutorial. Please ask Heather to stamp the TRF’s as you enter.  
  2. Divide into 3 tutorial groups (Taeya will be absent today also.)
  3. Run tutorials. Try your best and be very respectful to our guest teacher and our tutors. They are all here to help you. 
  4. Please put all desks back in order and return dry erase marker boards and easels. 
  5. Put all chairs up on the desks. 

Thank you for being on your best behavior everyone!! I’ll see you on Friday!

1/8/18: Sub Plans

Ahhh! Mrs. Steeves has PINK EYE!!!

I have missed you all so much and was looking forward to seeing you.  I hope you all had a restful break.  I will be back on Wednesday. Be good, helpful, and respectful today!!  

Block Periods 1-2/4-5:

  1. Book Love will occur AFTER you finish today’s assignment.
  2. Read Chapter 1 from the tan/black text books.  
  3. Complete the foldable (Ms. Rocheleau will show you how to fold and cut it before you begin reading). ** Also, there is a large sample one on the bulletin board in my classroom, but it does not have illustrations on the front – so make sure you add illustrations to the front of yours!
  4. Due at the end of the second block period. If you finish early, please read your Book Love book silently. 

AVID: Period 6

AVID Video link: Fault vs. Responsibility by Will Smith

Answer the following questions with COMPLETE sentences.  You will lose points if you do not use correct grammar.

  1. Explain fault vs. responsibility in relation to your own life. 
  2. How can taking responsibility when something is not your fault change your path in life?
  3. Think about some components of your life that are not your fault (i.e. economic status, religion, race, sexuality, family addictions, abuse, missing parents, …etc.). Write down some of the things in your life that are not your fault, but makes it difficult for you to feel successful at times.  How are you going to take responsibility to take control of your future? Explain. 
  4. Turn in this written response to the in-bin.  

Vision Collage

You will now make a vision collage.  What will your vision for 2019 be? Use magazines images, words, and letters to convey your vision.  I focused on certain words that have value to me, in addition to images that help the words come to life.  You may reference mine as an example, but I want yours to be unique to you. 

  • The size of your Vision boards fit on an 8 ½” x 11” sheet of paper.
  • Images/words must cover the entire page.
  • Completed vision boards will be placed in your portfolios after you have presented them.

Due: The end of the period on 1/9/19 (Wednesday).