A Wonderful World of Discovery

Month: November 2018

Nov. 27th, 2018: World Perspectives

Block class will be conducting research from primary sources.  Click here for your assignment. 

Sub Plans: 11/19/18


Today’s Objective:

Complete a map activity in which students identify specific land features in the U.S.

* Review 5 Themes of Geography

You may use the internet to look up the locations and label the map. They may NOT listen to music or play games. If you do, you will need to put the computer away and have your name written down for a lunch detention. If you must put your computer away, you may reference the text book pgs 17-41.

Once you finish, label in ink and color the map (but not so dark you can’t read the labels).

You will need to know the physical features of the U.S. because you will be making a map in which you design your own colony in our next unit.

Students need to fold their map in half and turn it in to the in-bin.

Read silently once you have finished, or work on missing work. Many of you still have not turned in your THIEVES/C-notes, 5 Themes foldable or your essay corrections from last week. You must turn it in today for full credit.


View the video: “Free Speech and its Limits

Read the Upfront Magazine article “First Amendment 101, pages 8-11 and take Focus Notes.

EQ: What is the 1st Amendment? How has the first amendment helped me and/or held me back? 

Make sure to write a Summary and answer the EQ at the end of your notes.