Block Classes

**Please sit in your previous seating arrangement!

  1. Book Love 20 minutes
  2. Cachet Notes
  3. Finish typing your research summary. Make sure you meet the following requirements. 
    • One page ONLY.
    • No smaller than 10 pt font
    • Single Space
    • Landscape (Click on “file”, then select “page set up” and select “Landscape”)
    • Two columns (Click “format” and select “columns”. Choose the option for 2 columns)
    • Works cited is a separate page (use easybib to help you, or go to the Purdue site) 
    • Write your name on the BACK of your papers. Do NOT staple them together. 
    • Turn the research summary and the works cited page into the in-bin.
  4. Begin working on your Stamp. This is due tomorrow (Friday).  If you finish, you may begin working on your cachet.  
    • (Jasmine B has already done hers and her rough draft is on my front table.  She knows how to do it, so she can help in period 4-5).
  5. If you finish all of this, then read silently or work on assignments from another class. Remember, grades are being posted next Friday, 2/1.  Get all your work in! 
  6. ATTN:  period 5 – if you are in AVID, please help the tutors get the classroom set up for tutorial for period 6. Thanks!


  1. Today is Tutorial. Please ask Heather to stamp the TRF’s as you enter.  
  2. Divide into 3 tutorial groups (Taeya will be absent today also.)
  3. Run tutorials. Try your best and be very respectful to our guest teacher and our tutors. They are all here to help you. 
  4. Please put all desks back in order and return dry erase marker boards and easels. 
  5. Put all chairs up on the desks. 

Thank you for being on your best behavior everyone!! I’ll see you on Friday!