Volunteering is Churchill High School requirement for graduation and also an excellent way to beef up resumes, college and scholarship applications. Having a substantial amount of volunteer hours in the community is a great way for you to set yourself apart from other people. It is also critical to get your volunteer hours done sooner rather than later, and avoid doing them all at the last minute, to prevent this you must get in your volunteer hours soon.

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Community Service Guidelines

  1. Community Service may not be used for class credit
  2. Service must be at a non-for-profit agency except on a case by case basis
  3. Volunteering to work for a family business, family member or family friend will not be counted as community service
  4. There can be no financial payment for community service
  5. For overnight or full-day experience such as volunteering as a camp counselor or participating in missions trips, only the hours used in service to others (not eating, sleeping, traveling, or recreation) will be counted. A maximum of 8 hours per day will be counted. 
  6. CHS student club meetings will not count towards community service; only service completed as part of club participation will be counted
  7. Babysitting without pay is not counted as community service
  8. Service club meetings and conferences (e.g., Key Club) will not count toward community service; only the service itself will be counted
  9. Athletic participation is not counted as community service
  10. Teacher’s assistant or office aid hours no longer count as community service except on a case by case basis
  11. Activities such as pep band, the Lancer Pageant, theater productions, etc., do not count as service except on a case by case basis
  12. Family members and family friends may not sign the Community Service Log

**If you have already been given credit for activities described in #9 and/or #10, you will not lose those hours

Students Agrees to:

  1. Understand that student cannot be paid for service
  2. Complete 40 hours of service at a non-for-profit agency or obtain special permission for service done for an individual in special need
  3. Be on time and attend regularly
  4. Notify your supervisor in advance of absence
  5. Exercise honesty, courtesy, and respect
  6. Respect policies and culture of the service site
  7. Exercise appropriate health and safety habits and dress appropriately for the organization
  8. Notify the College and Career Center or School to Career Center of any problems, concerns, or questions
  9. Understand community service hours are completed on the student’s own time
  10. Understand that the student is not covered by any Churchill High School or Eugene School District 4J insurance or liability policy
  11. Report hours, signatures and experiences accurately and honestly; understand that any misrepresentation will result in the forfeiture of community service credit and awards related to community service