Applying and getting into colleges can be a tricky process, but with a little forethought and preparation, it can be made very painless. You’ve already done the majority of the work doing your best in high school, and now it is time to show it off to any institutions you are considering to apply to.

Some colleges/universities use the Common Application, some have their own application, some use both and some use the Coalition Application. You need to know which application you are going to fill out so you can be prepared. The school’s website or information in Naviance will tell you which application(s) colleges/universities use. The rule of thumb is, if a college/university uses both the Common Application and their own application, use the Common Application if you are already applying for admission to other schools on the Common Application.

No matter how you apply, you will request transcripts and letters of recommendation through Naviance.


Common Application

To apply on the Common Application, click

What is the Common App? Instead of a student needing to complete a separate college application for each of their institutions, Students are able to complete one application and send copies to any of the other colleges they wish to apply. More than 700 colleges and universities accept the Common App.

Need help with the application?  Common Application Step by Step Video

You are going to request transcripts and letters of recommendations in Naviance. For us to send those documents, your Common Application must be linked to your Naviance account. Here’s how:



The Coalition Application

Apply on the Coalition Application here

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How to Request an Official Transcript

1. From your homepage, navigate to Colleges > Apply to College > Request Transcripts.

2. Click the Add (Pink Plus).

3. Select either College Application Transcript or Other Transcript.

4. Follow the steps depending on the transcript selection.

Click here for video instructions:



How to Request a Letter of Recommendation

To request a letter of recommendation from a Teacher:

  1. Complete the Letter of Recommendation Information Form which you will find in the Forms and Documents Folder
  2. Request your letter via email and provide the completed Letter of Recommendation Information Form
  3. Put your request in Naviance. Click here for video instructions.
    1. From your Naviance Homepage, navigate to Colleges > Apply to College > Letters of Recommendation.
    2. Click Add Request.
    3. Select a teacher from the drop down menu.
    4. Decide if you want the teacher to fill out a recommendation for (1) a specific college(s) from your Colleges I’m Applying to list or (2) All current and future colleges you add to Colleges I’m Applying to.
    5. Click Submit Request.

To request a letter of recommendation from a Counselor:

  1. Request a transcript in Naviance. This will serve as a request for a letter of recommendation from your counselor for those colleges that require them.
  2. Email the completed Letter of Recommendation Information Form.