November 23, 2022

By barsotti_p  

Dear Madison Staff,

This week officially begins the countdown to Winter Break (at least in my world!). I am so thankful to all of you for the work you do every day, the way you take care of each other, and the fact that you continue to show up and do your absolute best every day. I’ve said it often but there’s no team I’d rather do this work with than the Madison team.

Mon, Nov 28 Tue, Nov 29 Wed, Nov 30 Thur, Dec 1 Fri, Dec 2
Peter out all week 



Peter out all week 


Peter out all week  Peter out all week 

No School – Grading Day

Peter out all week 

No School – Staff Workload Relief

MADISON INFORMATION                 

  • Staffing Update:
    • Please welcome Mark Taylor as our new TSS, helping out with all things technology. He’s already been super helpful to have around the building. 
    • Also, we’ve finally been able to hire an additional part-time night custodian. Her name is Isabel Camarena, and she’ll be starting on December 12th. Mark sure to say hello to Mark and Isabel when you see them in the hallway.
    • Lastly, we’ve posted Alan’s position because he will be on leave through the date that he is scheduled to retire, in order to continue his treatment and work on getting stronger. We anticipate that the posting will show up on the website next Wednesday. If you know of anybody that would be interested, please encourage them to apply.
  •  Registrar grading support –     We are working on arranging for the district registrar to support Madison with any steps in the grading process that are normally done by the registrar. Stay tuned for more details.        

DISTRICT INFORMATION                   


  • December 2nd, Work Relief Day: This transition day should be treated much the same as a grading day.  Staff may work from home on this day, but should be available to team members.  Any staff that intend to work from an alternate location, will need to let us know their intentions.  In that communication staff should also identify how they will communicate with their colleagues on this day.  Staff that have not communicated a desire to work from an alternate location will be expected to work on site.


  • Classroom Screen: If you haven’t played with Classroom Screen, take about 10 minutes and check it out. It’s a free website that let’s you customize a display screen with timers, a random name generator, your choice of background image, notes, etc.    

Looking Ahead:

Mon, Dec 5 Tue, Dec 6 Wed, Dec 7 Thur, Dec 8 Fri, Dec 9
Tri 2 Starts 7:45 TLC


8:00 GLT


  2nd period – NASU

3rd Period – LSU

4th Period – BSU

6th Period – GSA

Have a wonderful week!

Peter and Gina


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