June 3, 2022

By barsotti_p  

Hi Madison Family,

10 more kid days to go! While the end is in sight, it’s still important to maintain as much routine and normalcy as possible. Keep your expectations high and the work going even though I know we all are really looking forward to June 17. It’ll help the next few weeks continue to run smoothly. Here are this week’s updates:

Mon, June 6 Tue, June 7 Wed, June 8 Thur, June 9 Fri, June 10
3:45 P&G to Admin meeting

6pm – Parent Promotion Planning event

Fire Drill – 11:30

7:45 Last TLC

6:30pm Spring Play

8:00 Last Wednesday GLT

10:00 Supervision Meeting

Friday Schedule

9:30 Gina to  Attendance Zoom

2:35 Activity Day

6:30pm Spring Play


MADISON INFORMATION                  

  • Focus Slides: Unfortunately, we didn’t get to the slides this week. So, for Monday, please use your professional judgement about whterh your fFocus class would best benefit from an additional day of easyCBM testing, Grade Checks, or a fun game day. Thank you for your patience. We will work to create content for the rest of the week and have it ready to go by Monday afternoon.
  • Staffing Update: We are scheduling counselor interviews next week. I am excited to announce Ruth Mountainspring just accepted the 8th grade math position.  She is currently teaching Lane School.  
  • Activity Afternoon: Thank you for all signing up.   Here is the LINK if you forgot what you signed up for 🙂        
  • Staff Check Out: I will share our staff check out sheet early next week after Justyne and Rechelle approve it.  The sheet includes things like clearing off the tops of bookshelves, moving furniture, and preparing your room to be cleaned. As a side note, at this time I have 2 full days of training at the district office on June 20 and 21, so I unfortunately won’t be in the building that day. Come check out with me on June 17 and then finish up any unfinished items by June 21.
  • Friends/Family Allowed to Help with End of Year Packing: For the last week of school AND when students are not present, downtown is allowing friends and family of staff members to be “essential visitors” to help with end of year packing. The only requirement is they check-in at the Raptor Kiosk in the office (on weekdays) and limit their movement in the building.

End of Year and Next Year Information

  • JuneteenthThe last day of work for most certified staff is Monday, June 20. Now that June 19th or Juneteenth is a federal holiday and falls on a Sunday, it is recognized on Monday, June 20. Certified staff can choose from the following options to observe Juneteenth:
    • Take June 20 off and work June 21
    • Work 8 additional hours the week of June 13-17 and take June 20 off
    • Work on June 20
  • 2022-23 Report Dates: Teachers’ official report back date is Tuesday, August 30, however there is ELA training planned for Friday, August 26 and Monday, August 29. Teachers will be paid for these days, however they are not required since the district did not announce the dates before Spring Break. If you haven’t already planned a vacation for these dates, I highly recommend attending – I am sure it will be good stuff.

Next Week at a Glance:

Mon, June 13 Tue, June 14 Wed, June 15 Thur, June 16 Fri, June 17
  6:30 – Band Concert   Promotion Practice – 5th and 6th Period

Promotion – 6pm

Promotion Party – 7pm to 9pm

Last Day for Students: Special Schedule

We hope you have a great week!

Gina and Peter

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