May 27, 2022

By barsotti_p  

Hi Madison Family,

Here are this week’s updates:

Mon, May 30 Tue, May 31 Wed, June 1 Thur, June 2 Fri, June 3
No School – Memorial Day Dump Recycling Bins

7:45 Last Climate Team

2:30 Fire Drill

8:00 Department/Content Meetings



1:00 Sub-district track meet

9:00 Invited GSA Field Trip

Last LSU – 2nd Period

2:45 PD


MADISON INFORMATION                  

  • No Focus slides this week, because we’re doing easyCBM testing all week. Please see Dorothy’s email for all the details.


  • Staffing Update: We had a team help out with interviews for a new 8th grade math teacher, this week, and we are waiting to hear the results of that hire. Also, our counselor posting has just closed, so we’ll be scheduling those interviews for next week. If you’d like to be a part of the interview team, please talk to Gina.
  • EasyCBM Assessments: Please see Dorothy’s email regarding easyCBM, sent on May 26th, for information and links.  We will be testing all week during Focus class. Here is the link to the log-in directions. 
  • Activity Afternoon: If you haven’t yet signed up for a spot during our June 9th activity hour, please do that using this link.
  • Repeat: iPad Collection: We will be collecting iPads and chargers on June 13th, during Focus. April will bring the charging carts to classrooms so that teachers can collect the devices and mark them turned in. 


Next Week at a Glance:

Mon, June 6 Tue, May 7 Wed, June 8 Thur, June 9 Fri, June 10
3:45 P&G to Admin meeting 7:45 Last TLC

6:30pm Spring Play

8:00 Last Wednesday GLT

10:00 Supervision Meeting

9:30 Gina to  Attendance Zoom

2:35 Activity Day

6:30pm Spring Play


We hope you have a great week!

Peter and Gina


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