Entry #3

March 18, 2020

This whole situation makes me feel very uneasy. My head is constantly swirling with questions that have no answer. It feels like the whole world is on pause, but time is still ticking. I worry about my family and my friends and I miss them so much. I never thought the day would come when I would miss going to school, but that day has arrived and long passed. I miss laughing with them, talking with them, having lunch with them, and even doing school work with them. Even though I can’t physically be with them, I am beyond thankful that I have FaceTime so I can still keep in touch.

I occupy my time by watching way too much Netflix, reading, and writing. Writing helps me relieve my anxiety about the whole situation. I feel like if I can create a character who is feeling the same way I am or going through the same things, then there must be an actual person who is too. It’s like creating my own little world where I can control what happens, and I know from the start what happens at the end. It sounds stupid, but I encourage anyone who is feeling incredibly anxious to try the same thing. It just might bring you some peace of mind. 

I try to stay away from the news because it just adds another layer of anxiety, and I never know what is completely true or not. I have heard that many famous people have been diagnosed with the Coronavirus like Tom Hanks and Kevin Durant. It’s all so scary to know that this virus is spreading so fast and affecting so many people. My mom has gone to the store a few times, and they have always been sold out of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and even canned foods and now that there is a confirmed case of the Coronavirus in Lane County, it can only get worse. Some things aren’t even available online, which is also a very unsettling feeling; like people are falling apart at the seams and don’t know how to handle the situation. 

I hope that this helped at least one person feel less alone in their anxiety or feelings towards the Coronavirus and all the panic that comes along with it. 

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