Entry #1

       I feel like we are going through an apocalypse. I am a person that likes knowing what I am doing and having a schedule through the week that stays the same. Having so many unknowns and worries around the world adds an extra layer of panic to my day. I have so many questions. When will we go back to school? When will my life return to normal? How much closer will Coronavirus get to Eugene? Will we have to make up the missed days of school in the summer? Do they have a shot to prevent Coronavirus? Does anyone I ever knew have the virus? Will I get the virus?
      I’ve decided to write daily journal entries about the virus and its impacts on my life and others lives. I hope this will fill some of my extra free time. This is a super cool opportunity for me to share my story about this virus outbreak. It feels so scary but also super awesome to be living history, that someone in the future could care about my story and my views.
        Our family is staying home as much as possible. I am concerned about my elderly grandparents because I know that if they get Coronavirus it would be very bad! I miss talking with my friends and classmates. I miss feeling connected to people at school and being around people who relate to me. This experience is becoming more and more real, they are limiting how many people can go into Costco. They are letting 20 people into Costco every 20 minutes. My mom said the line to get into Costco stretched all the way to the Costco gas station. The lines to get toilet paper and paper towels were 30+ people long. They limit the amount of toilet paper and paper towels you can buy. My dad thinks there is a limit on paper towels because people can use them like toilet paper if needed. There are no longer food samples at Costco and Trader-Joes, it makes complete sense but samples are a part of my normal Costco and Trader Joe’s visits. Lots of things have shut down but I keep reminding myself that people have gone through virus outbreaks before.
     After all of this, I think I will have a very fascinating story about coronavirus.

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