Google Read&Write

 Read&Write for Google Chrome. 

This Chrome extension has text-to-speech, as well as many other tools. It is district-owned. 

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What is Google Chrome? 

Chrome is a free web browser for any computer, Mac or PC, and is unique. When you sign into Chrome with your 4J username/email and password, you can access a variety of free and paid extensions/tools. NOTE: Opening the web browser or signing into your Google Drive does not mean that you are signed into Chrome. See the instructions below. 

Eugene School District 4J has purchased the Read&Write extension district-wide. It can be accessed on any computer at school or home.  It offers an assortment of tools that can benefit all students and includes text-to-speech, onboard dictionaries, highlighting tools, speech-to-text, word prediction, and more. 
First, you need to sign into Chrome correctly. (note: do not download the extension from the Chrome Web Store. It is already available to all students when they sign in with their 4J user name/password)
How to Access Google Read&Write –Video
What if you don’t see the purple puzzle piece icon?         video
What if you are having trouble synching/accessing extensions? You may need to update Chrome.        

The district laptops do not automatically update when the laptops are at home with students, so it needs to be done manually .  See instructions here:

Texthelp Academy –  list of tools with videos:     Quick Guide to Tools 
Read&Write  Google Doc tools.  video
Read&Write Web tools.    video 
How to add a voice note in Google Docs/Read&Write  video
Read&Write for Google Chrome – Screenshot reader: text-to-speech tool for inaccessible text on screen or textbooks.   video
Read&Write  –screen masking and simplify tools   video
Watch the video below to see how to use Google Read&Write text-to-speech in Canvas.  video