Lancer Extended Application Project

Seniors, please remember to check your Canvas course – Personalized Learning 12th Grade, for updates and more information. 

The Extended Application is an Oregon Department of Education graduation requirement for all students graduating high school. At Churchill we call it LEAP and it can begin as early as Semester 2 of a student’s Junior year and must be completed by March of the student’s Senior year.

OK but, what is a LEAP?

The LEAP is about what you want to do after high school and in your future. It’s an experience similar to an internship where you may work in a career to experience and learn if it’s truly what you’re interested in pursuing. What we want you, the student, to do is to take your knowledge and extend it into, and apply it to, a career area you’re interested in exploring. How much time? Students will log a minimum of 16 hours.

Here’s some more about what a LEAP should contain: ➢ A structured experience related to a student’s career goal ➢ An experience that should enhance a student’s academic, career, and personal development ➢ Supervised by an adult  in the career ➢ An experience that is limited in duration ➢ Paid or unpaid. (Source: “Pomerantz Career Center.” Definition and Benefits of an Internship | Pomerantz Career Center, University of Iowa.)

Students must complete and submit a LEAP Contract for approval before beginning. The contract is signed by the student, their supervisor/mentor, and the CHS School-to-Career Coordinator or the student’s CHS counselor. There are many options to complete the LEAP some can be even be completed in school. Please keep reading below to find out more.

Deadline: after completing the LEAP packet students will sign up for a 20-minute interview with the School-to-Career Coordinator or their counselor during the weeks of March 11th – 22nd. Students completing the project sooner than March 11th are encouraged to set up an appointment as soon as they are ready.


Some, but not all ways to complete the LEAP.

Engineering Academy Complete and pass Engineering III. Prerequisites required.
Future Build Enroll in this year-long course, complete it with a passing grade. Provide proof of passing (transcript).
Health Services Pathway Complete and pass Health Services Senior Seminar. Prerequisites required.
Hope Factory
Enroll in this year-long course, complete it with a passing grade. Provide proof of participation and completion.
IHS – International High School Complete and pass the Junior Seminar class.
Individual Projects Develop your own idea, have it approved by the School-to-Career Coordinator and your project/internship mentor, and complete the LEAP packet. Click this link for some ideas (updated throughout the year)
Rachel Carson Academy Complete and pass the Rachel Carson Internship (A & B) course. Prerequisites required.
RTEC 101, Gateway to College & Careers for Seniors – Lane Community College
Click here for details and how to register
Register, attend, pass this course, (online or in-person) and complete the LEAP packet. This class is all about preparing students with all the necessary tools and resources they’ll need to become a successful student at Lane Community College. Topics such as, Overview of degrees and first term advising, Financial Aid – beyond filling out the FAFSA, Communication and Time Management, and how to use the systems at LCC. Complete the LEAP packet.
Visual Design Academy

(Graphic Design & Digital Media)

Complete and pass Graphic Design III.  Prerequisites required.

Digital Media students need to connect with Mr. Squires or Jamie Bennett for a specific project with teacher approval. Complete the LEAP packet.

West End Performing Arts 

(Band, Choir, and Drama)

Project approval required from the teacher and the School-to-Career Coordinator, and complete LEAP packet.
Work Experience  Use your paid job (work experience) and complete the LEAP packet.
Work Study
Complete and pass this year-long course.
Yearbook Complete and pass at least one semester. Must have permission by Jaime Bennett. Complete the LEAP packet.
Some Useful Resources to help you find information about different careers.