Lancer Extended Application Project

The Lancer Extended Application Project (LEAP) is an Oregon Department of Education graduation requirement for the class of 2023 and all following graduation classes.

OK but, what is a LEAP? The LEAP is about what you want to do after high school and in your future. It’s an experience similar to an internship where you may work in a business or industry to experience and learn about a career you’re interested in pursuing. What we want you, the student, to do is to take your knowledge and extend it into, and apply it to, a career area you’re interested in exploring. We want you to spend a minimum of 16 hours focused on learning about the career.

A LEAP is: ➢ A structured experience related to a student’s career goal ➢ An experience that should enhance a student’s academic, career, and personal development ➢ Supervised by a supervisor/mentor in the field ➢ An experience that is limited in duration (minimum of 16 hours) ➢ Paid or unpaid  (Source: “Pomerantz Career Center.” Definition and Benefits of an Internship | Pomerantz Career Center, University of Iowa.) 

Students must complete and submit a LEAP Contract for approval before beginning. The experience is mutually agreed upon by the student, their supervisor/mentor, and the CHS School-to-Career Coordinator or CHS counselor. There are many options to complete the LEAP. Please keep reading below to find out more.

Learn more here LEAP Slideshow 2023

Deadlines, plus more

  • LEAP Interviews begin Monday, January 23rd
    • For those seniors who are intending to complete the LEAP through work experience, you will need to complete the LEAP packet of activities and schedule a LEAP interview with Mary Beth or your counselor during the week of January 23rd-January 27th. Use this link and choose the appointment type “LEAP Interview (30 minutes)”. 
    • For those seniors who are not doing work experience as an option but have already completed an independent option plus the packet, you are welcome to schedule an appointment, also. 
  • LEAP Contracts are due Wednesday, Nov. 30th.
    • Click this link to complete the online Google Contract form
    • Or if you prefer, click this link 2023LEAPContract.Fnl.pdf  to download and print the contract  and turn it in to the LEAP box in the College & Career Center or to Mary Beth in the School-to-Career Office in the STEM building.
  • What to do when you complete your LEAP hours and packet
    • Paid job experience  LEAPs — completed LEAP packets and an interview focusing on your project are due during the week of January 23rd, 2023
    • All other LEAP experiences — completed LEAP packets and an interview focusing on your project are due during the week of April 10th, 2023.
    • Instructions on how to schedule a LEAP interview and how to prepare for the interview will be posted on this page and presented in Advisory in January.
  • Check your email, listen to morning announcements, and check this webpage for updates.

There are as many ways for a student to complete this project as there are students but here are some pathways to reach the goal. 

Engineering Academy **Complete and pass the Capstone course. Prerequisites required.
Health Services Pathway **Complete and pass Health Services Senior Seminar course. Prerequisites required.
Individual Projects *Develop your own idea, have it approved by the School-to-Career Coordinator and your project/internship mentor.
IHS – International High School Students **The requirement is embedded in your Junior Seminar class.
Rachel Carson Academy Students **Complete and pass the Rachel Carson Internship (A, B, & C) course. Prerequisites required.
Visual Design Academy (Graphic Design & Digital Media) **Complete and pass Graphic Design III.  Prerequisites required.

Digital Media students need to connect with Mr. Squires for a specific project with teacher approval.

West End Performing Arts *Project approval required from the teacher and School-to-Career Coordinator.
Work Experience Use your paid job (work experience) and complete the LEAP packet. The deadline for Work Experience LEAPs is the week of January 23rd.
Yearbook Enroll in, and successfully complete the Yearbook A & B courses, plus complete the LEAP packet. See Don Squires or Mary Beth for contract approval.
Interact, Key Club, and NHS Members See the club advisor for specific details. Membership alone does not automatically get a student a LEAP.
* Students must complete the LEAP packet and an interview with School-to-Career staff or their counselor.  ** Passing the LEAP depends on a passing grade in the relevant course.

Here are a couple more  LEAP ideas

RTEC 101, Gateway to College & Careers for Seniors Are you thinking about attending Lane Community College in Fall 2023 or thinking of Lane CC as a backup plan?  Then please consider taking this tuition-free and fee-free course for college credit! This HIGHLY RECOMMENDED online course was specifically designed for high school seniors. The next 5-week session begins on November  1st. Follow this link to find out more:

Also, check out the School-to-Career Career Exploration web page for more opportunities. 

Here’s how to get started …

Take notes and do some research:

    • Write a description of the career including tasks involved
    • Note the education, training, or experience needed to pursue the career
    • Wage/salary the career can provide
      • Average wage
      • Median wage (middle-wage)
      • Entry-level wage

Some Useful Resources: