Community Maps!

During the course of this term, we will make maps of neighborhoods in Eugene. The purpose of this activity is to (a) familiarize ourselves with the resources available in the community, (b) identify potential living, employment, education, recreation and services that are available, and (c) determine what skills are necessary to live, work, attend school and recreate in the community. We will visit a different neighborhood each week where we will document resources available in that neighborhood. Take pictures, write notes, collect artifacts, talk to new people and have fun! Take what you learn and share it with the class!


Each student will be assigned a role:

Role Responsibility Materials
Mapper/Scout Keeps the group on task, guides group using map. Keeps track of places visited. Draws map.


Map and clipboard to guide the group. Paper for making new map
Note-taker Takes observational notes of people and places


Observational Note Form
Collector Collects important artifacts (flyers, brochures, business cards, menus)


Bag for Collection
Photographer Takes 8-10 significant photos of area


Digital Camera


As you explore each neighborhood, think about what it would be like to live there. What places would you need to know about? What skills would you need to live there?

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