October 2022

By hadley_n  

Hadley Herald: October 2022

Well Hello There!

In This Issue: 

  • New Synergy Materials
  • Canvas Curricula Integrations
  • Grade Guardian
  • Additional Resources

Synergy’s New Grade Book and Canvas Sync: 

Synergy’s grade book is getting a makeover this month and with that makeover comes new Synergy-Canvas Sync materials to reflect those changes. 

To access those materials please click here (WordPress won’t embed them :-/ ) 

Benefits to Syncing:

  • Quicker turnover at grade report times. 
  • Recorded grades for drops, schedule changes, withdrawals, etc. 
  • Easily print grade printouts for your class. 
  • Turn on nightly sync to set and forget. 

Canvas Curricula Integrations: 

As the social studies adoption continues, science continues looking at materials, as well as other resources are reviewed; we have found that many of our curricular items come with a digital component that also integrates into Canvas for ease of use. By integrating these items, you can insert assignments, readings, and materials directly in Canvas or take students directly to them, allowing for access outside the classroom. Keep in mind that for some services, though we have access to them, if they are not district-funded, those will need to come from buildings. For a list of items funded by the district click here
The following curricular sources are available to integrate into your Canvas course(s): 

If you have trouble accessing the materials, be sure you have enrolled in the Canvas Resources Course

Grade Guardian:

All 4J Teachers have access to Grade Guardian in their Canvas instance and courses. Grade Guardian is a way for teachers to see how their students are doing in other courses, they can see how many missing assignments, zeros, and other info students have in other courses. To access this information, navigate to your course settings, go to Navigation, and drag Grade Guardian to the visible area above, be sure to hit save. 

For more information here is a 3min video: Click Here

Additional Resources:

Lit2Go: A free consortium of literature in PDF and Audiobook format. 

Apple Teacher: A place to get Apple Teacher Certified and post/find lessons from other teachers using Apple products. 

EA/Office Canvas Training: A quick presentation and video showing EAs how to navigate Canvas with their EA accounts. 

App Approval Process: Is there an app, software, or website you’d like to use pedagogically with students? Feel free to submit a form request to ensure that it follows district guidelines for safety, student information security, and other use cases. Note that it can take up to 2-3 weeks for a turnaround in some cases. 

Canva for Educators: Canva is a free tool for educators where you can create amazing things for your classroom! You can make slides, banners, newsletters, lesson planning pages, certificates, announcements, worksheets and more. Be sure to claim your educator account when signing up with your 4J email to have access to all their amazing templates and more. (Note Canva is approved for teacher use.)


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