student art

One of the things that makes Churchill High School
the place that it is:
Student Art!
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churchill clubs & organizations

The 1st Club Fair since schools closed for COVID was a great success! Students had an extended lunchtime that allowed them to visit the
varied club tables set up
in the Lancer Dome!
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churchill academics

Now that we're in Trimester 3 and looking forward to Summer, it seems like we're finally getting back in our Academic groove!
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Photo by Pandora Ritter-Bennett (10)

Springtime at CHS

Final push to the end! Spring!

Maddie Simon (11)

Leaves are blossoming, seniors are smiling, it must be spring! Everyone at CHS is looking forward to the sunny weather and beautiful sights spring will bring! 

Not only that but the countdown until summer time. What does spring look like at CHS? Springtime at CHS means spring sports such as Tennis, Track, Baseball & Softball! Spring also means prom season! With prom canceled due to Covid-19 the last two years are very important to the upperclassmen who didn’t have the chances to go to prom in the previous years. There’s so much to look forward to in the last couple months of the year/springtime so let the leaves blossom and the season of new beginnings push on! Springtime is a beautiful time at CHS!

Stock photo: CHS Digital Magazine

Club Fair

Jacy Curry-Miller (12)

 With everything that’s going on in our world recently it’s been rare to see our school community get together in a healthy way. This Club Fair was exactly what this school year had been missing. It highlighted what makes our school the best. How involved the students are in making our space the safest and most welcoming place for others. It’s truly inspiring to see students with all different interests coming together to put on a wonderful event.

Photo by Aravis Irvine (11)

Earth Spirit Week

Aravis Irvine (11)

Earth Week. The week that our Churchill community celebrates and acknowledges the beautiful planet that we live on. On Monday, many students went through the day without eating meat, showing solidarity for the issue of meat consumption percentage on this planet. Trashy Tuesday came next, picking up trash and making it into art! Wednesday was Green-Out day, with the halls being crowded with students wearing all green. Thrifty Thursday was next, where staff and students were asked to wear an outfit that was completely thrifted. And finally, Friday was Earth Day! We learned more about food waste and tried our best to compost all that we could!

Jacy Curry-Miller (12)

Although everyone should act like it’s earth week everyday it’s important we have a time to celebrate Mother Nature for all she’s done for us. As humans we take for granted the environment around us. This earth week our community has given back. Through our new
food waste compost bin, “Compost Malone,” and other activities we are slowing helping out. Keep doing what you’re doing Churchill and continue making this world a better place!