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"Almost Graduated!"

A tradition born out of COVID has been adopted for this year, as we all gathered for the Senior Cap & Gown and Knighting “DriveThru!” Check out the photo gallery!

Excellence Every Day for Every Lancer.

Churchill High School builds a community of excellence by: cultivating an environment of equity, fostering a diverse culture of lifelong learners, recognizing the individual strengths of each student, and expanding knowledge and developing skills through multiple pathways and programs.

Lancers strive for excellence through PRIDE.
Perseverance • Respect • Integrity • Determination • Excellence

Our Mission at CHS

Featured Video

On June 7th, 2022, Churchill High School’s bands finished the year strong, celebrating the first full year of musical performances since COVID!

Click the viewer to see the video, and to visit our CHS Auditorium Events YouTube Channel, hit the button below!

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Digital Magazine students, in collaboration with Advanced Digital Media students, are creating newscasts, covering the Churchill campus from a variety of angles