Physics 1

Week 5 (9/30 – 10/04)

pkt 4 forces and motion, review 04 forces

Quest 2 Review Vectors KEY, review 03 – vectors and two dimensional motion KEY


Week 4 (9/23 – 9/27)

pkt 3 vectors and 2d motion, review 03 – vectors and two dimensional motion

Phet projectiles, test 1 info 1&2 D kinematics


Week 3 (9/16 – 9/20)

Board Problem 2 Superman, Board Problem 3 Watermelon

Quest 1 Review KEY, review 02 – one dimensional kinematics KEY


Week 2 (9/09-9/13)

pkt 2 kinematics, review 02 – one dimensional kinematics

Board Problem Boy and Girl Running

WS 2 and 3


Week 1 (09/02 – 09/06)

Physics I Student SurveyWhy study physicsWS 1 basic mathpkt 1 methods and toolsreview 01 – methods and tools, WS 1 Basic Math (key)


Course information

Homework ThoughtsPhysics SyllabusText Problems for PhysicsPhysics Assignment Sheet

Signature Sheet



Username: student 4j email

Password: student ID


Instructions for Quest accounts:

Go to 

Click on Students under “Log In to Quest.” Click on “I need a UT EID.” Create a free account. Be sure to include an email in case you need to reset your password. Be sure to write down the UT EID that you receive. DON’T just click “Log In.” Instead, go back to and then click “Log In to Quest.” Click enroll in new course and search for course number. When you find your class, request enrollment, and I will have to approve it. Then you should see the assignment.


Course #’s:

Per 1 – PhysicsAper1

Per 5 – PhysicsAper5

Quest assignments are due are in Texas time, two hours later than here in Eugene.


Logger pro Videos 
Logger pro 1 Basic Graph 
Logger pro 2 non linear curve fit 
Logger pro 3 Error Bars and Min max Slope 
Logger pro 4 Linearizing data 
Logger pro 5 different uncert 
Logger pro 6 min max slope method 2 

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