Physics 1

Term B Final Review Quest KEY


Week 37

pkt 13 Electromagnetism, review 13 electromagnetism

WS 10 EM and circuits review problems KEY, review 13 electromagnetism KEY

Week 36

WS 9 Electricity review problems, Test 7 Electricity info

sample light bulb data        sample resistor data

Circuit Simulation

WS 9 Electricity review problems KEY

Circuits II quest Key

review 12 electric circuits KEY


Week 35

Circuits I Quest KEY


Week 34

Table of Resistivity

review 10 electrostatics KEY

Electrostatics I Quest KEY   Electrostatics II Quest KEY

review 12 electric circuits, pkt 12 Electric Circuits


Week 33

pkt 10 Electrostatics, review 10 electrostatics

virtual electroscope

Test 6 info and Eqns


review 09 waves KEY

WS 8.5 Waves reviewWS 8.5 Waves review KEY

Waves review Quest KEY

Week 30

Wave boundary behavior animation

wave on a string simulation


Week 29

Optics Test info, Optics Review Quest KEY

phet optics simulation, review 08 – geometric optics KEY

pkt 9 waves, review 09 waves

WS 8 Refraction and Lenses KEY



Week 28

Link for April 9

Link for April 8

WS 4 Light and Flat Mirrors KEY

WS 5 Mirror Ray Diagram KEY

WS 6 Law of Refraction KEY

WS 7 Refraction and Total internal Reflection KEY


Week 27

pkt 8 Geometric Optics, review 08 – geometric optics

Optics simulation

Concave mirro lab conclusion instructions




Week 25

review 07 momentum KEY

Mechanics Problems Review Packet KEY

Quest 6 Mechanics Review KEY


Week 24 (3/02 – 3/06)

p 174 num 1

review 06 – work energy KEY, Quest 5 Work and Energy KEY

pkt 7 momentum, review 07 momentum

Mechanics Problems Review Packet, Final test equations and info, Semester 1 Final Review Sheet



Week 23 (2/18 – 2/22)

Pkt 6 Work and Energy (1), review 06 – work energy

Quest 5 Work and Energy KEY


Week 21 (2/04 – 2/08)

pkt 5 circles and gravityreview 05 gravity and circles

Board problems wizard’s duel 1 and 2Board problem ISS  Board problem ISS KEY

lab notes

review 05 gravity and circles KEY

Quest 4 circular motion KEY



Week 20 (1/28 – 2/01)

Quest 3 Forces key

review 04 forces KEY

prob 40 and 47


Week 18 (1/14 – 1/18)

Quest 2 Review Vectors & 2d kinematics KEYreview 03 – vectors and two dimensional motion

review 04 forcespkt 4 forces and motion

sample video lab conclusion

WS 3.5 Friction problems KEY


Week 17 (1/07 – 1/11)

pkt 3 vectors and 2d motionreview 03 – vectors and two dimensional motion

test 1 info 1&2 D kinematics


Phet Vector Addition

Big 3 Quantoon and prob


Week 16 (12/17 -12/21)

Board Problem 2 SupermanBoard Problem 2 Superman KEY

Board Problem 3 Watermelon

review 02 – one dimensional kinematics KEY

Determining g on Incline EXAMPLE



Week 15 (12/10 – 12/14)

pkt 2 kinematicsreview 02 – one dimensional kinematics

Board Problem Boy and Girl Running



Week 14 (12/03 – 12/07)

Physics I Student SurveyWhy study physicsWS 1 basic mathpkt 1 methods and toolsreview 01 – methods and tools

WS 1 Basic Math (key)

methods and tools pg 4 KEY


Course information

Homework ThoughtsPhysics SyllabusText Problems for PhysicsPhysics Assignment Sheet

Signature Sheet



Username: student 4j email

Password: student ID


Instructions for Quest accounts:

Go to 

Click on Students under “Log In to Quest.” Click on “I need a UT EID.” Create a free account. Be sure to include an email in case you need to reset your password. Be sure to write down the UT EID that you receive. DON’T just click “Log In.” Instead, go back to and then click “Log In to Quest.” Click enroll in new course and search for course number. When you find your class, request enrollment, and I will have to approve it. Then you should see the assignment.

Quest assignments are due are in Texas time, two hours later than here in Eugene.


Logger pro Videos 
Logger pro 1 Basic Graph 
Logger pro 2 non linear curve fit 
Logger pro 3 Error Bars and Min max Slope 
Logger pro 4 Linearizing data 
Logger pro 5 different uncert 
Logger pro 6 min max slope method 2 

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