Tuesday 10/24
Video- Ancient Sumer
Began reading Ch 4 Introduction-4.4
Ch 4 Cloze C-Notes (front Side only)

Monday 10/23
Kahoot Ch 3

Friday 10/20
Read Ch 3
Completed Reading Notes Ch 3

Thursday 10/19
Gallery Walk
Channel One News

Wednesday 10/18
Finish Posters
Gallery Walk
Self/Peer/Review of Superhero Hominid Posters

Tuesday 10/17
Quiz Ch 2
Processing 2– Create a Superhero Hominid Poster
Create a fact-filled “superhero” poster for the hominid group you found most interesting. The poster should focus on the capabilities of the hominid you select. Your poster needs to include
• the scientific name and nickname of your hominid.
• information about where and when your hominid lived.
• a drawing of your hominid group doing something in their natural environment.
• a description of your hominid’s important capabilities.
• any other creative ideas that make the poster more visually appealing.

Monday 10/16
Read Ch 2 Early Hominids
Completed Reading Notes 2
HW- Review Reading Notes

No School Progress Reports/Professional Dev/State Inservice

Ch 1- Kahoot
Channel One

Read Ch 1 Investigating the Past

Hunter Gatherers
Vocabulary Practice
Comprehension Activity

Friday 10/6
The Week in Rap-Flocabulary
Group Assignment

Thursday 10/5
Channel One
Latitude/Longitude Review
Study Notes
Quiz*Students can finish for homework if they need more time. Due Friday 10/6

Wednesday 10/4
Latitude & Longitude
Activities- Flocabulary

Tuesday 10/3
What is Culture?
Reading to Respond
Vocabulary Practice

Monday 10/2
Current Events- The Week in Rap
Note taking practice
Comprehension Quiz

Friday 9/29
No School-School Improvement Day #1

Thursday 9/28

Wednesday 9/27
Study guide completed in class, students should study this evening and turn in Thursday for credit.

Tuesday 9/26
Continue Geography Challenge #1
Kahoot- World Geography

Monday 9/25
Geography Challenge #1

Friday 9/22
DOGO Article Analysis

Thursday 9/21
Class Syllabus
Syllabus Review worksheet

Wednesday 9/20
Technology Use Expectations- Notes in spiral

Tuesday 9/19
Quick Questions- collected
Would you rather….

Monday 9/18
History Alive Scavenger Hunt
Click below for a link to a copy of the assignment.
History Alive Textbook Scavenger Hunt

Friday 9/15
Final Version Personal Timeline Project
*Due Monday 9/18!

Thursday 9/14
Continue Personal Timeline

Wednesday 9/13
Channel One- Quickwrite *Collected
Personal Timeline Handout

Tuesday 9/12
Geography Review *Study handout
Channel One C-Notes in spiral notebook

Monday 9/11
All About Me Project *Collected
Name Tents

Friday 9/7
Advisory- PBIS Rotations
Mini Class Schedule

Thursday 9/7
Advisory- PBIS Rotations
Mini Class Schedule

Wednesday 9/6
Advisory “Welcome”
Rotations with 6th grade Elective teachers
Assembly with special guest