On this site  you will find helpful resources for the classes that I teach at Eugene International High School. You can review course syllabi, keep track of assignments, find articles for current events commentaries, get projects forms, check your grade and more.

I hope you find this page useful as you study economics and history. I find that these topics are intricately linked, and both are useful in shaping a better world. As a great economist once said, the purpose of studying history is to change it!

Mr. Yamada

I first became interested in economics as an undergraduate at the University of Oregon, where I met Debbie, my wife. Although I majored in history, I became fascinated with how economic forces drive historical change. I graduated from the U of O’s Clarke Honors College in 1999 with minors in economics and German. I earned my Master’s in Teaching from Western Washington University in 2003 while Debbie earned her Master’s in Library and Information Science. Debbie is now a research librarian. Our son Ari was born in 2006. His favorite song is my rendition of “C is for Consumption” to the tune of “C is for Cookie.”


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