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Welcome Spring Term Students!

I have not sent out the join code for Spring term, yet. I plan to do that by the end of the day on Thursday, April 9.

I do not anticipate using this website Spring Term 2020 except to help you get on to Google Classroom. Read on if you need help doing that.

4J Email

If you have not checked your 4j email, you NEED to do this. If your email is full or getting close to full, you NEED to delete as many old emails as possible. It’s fairly straight forward. There is a box at the top left, above the list of all your emails. If you check this you can mass delete 150 emails at a time. It might be faster to do this, and uncheck individual emails you want to keep.

Google Classroom

I will be using Google Classroom exclusively. If you are new to Google Classroom, below are links on how to access and use Google Classroom. 

  1. You MUST use your 4j email to access 4J Google Classroom and Google Drive. You won’t be able to access it with any other email. 
  2. Use any internet browser on a laptop or desktop. The following video was created in another school district. So, you’ll just need to substitute your 4J email (text-based instructions, video-based instruction; another Google Classroom Tutorial).
  3. You must use the following link 4J Google, even if on-line or video instructions say to use a different address. 
  4. On a tablet or phone download the app (video instruction below)
  5. Once you have accessed Google Classroom, look for my email that has the join code.
  6. If you are having any problems, please email me or come to office hours on Zoom.










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