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This week in AVID

Sorry I haven’t posted for awhile! Thanks to those of you who came to conferences – it was great to see you again.

This week we are reading articles about possible effects of raising the minimum wage. Our tutors come tomorrow and will help students mark the text in preparation for a Socratic Seminar on Wednesday.

We are also planning an ice cream sundae party this Wednesday to celebrate the end of a successful trimester!

Week of 10/7 – 10/11

One page of Cornell notes from a core class, due Wednesday (10/9)

This week in AVID

On Friday, 10/4, we welcomed our first guest speaker, Carolyn Stephens, Deputy Director of the Eugene Airport (and wife of our awesome principal, Mr. Marsh!). Students learned all about the inner workings of our beloved local airport.
We also continue to work with our tutors on note-taking and study skills, and today we held our first Socratic Seminar. Discussion centered around what students would do if they ruled the school. They had some interesting and constructive ideas!

This week in AVID

We are starting to use the Cornell note-taking system in regular classes. Our tutors also arrive this Tuesday and Thursday to help students structure and practice using their Cornell notes.

Week 9/23 – 9/27

Handed out Monday, due Tuesday – Study Buddy Contract
Handed out Wednesday, due Thursday – Teacher Introduction Sheet
Handed out Thursday, due Friday – 5 guest speaker/field trip ideas

This week in AVID

This week in AVID:

Binder organization! You can help by making sure students check binders each night.

Planners! You can help by checking planners nightly!

Study Buddy contracts – getting contact information from at least two other students in each class, for missing work and/or assignment questions.

Social skills – practicing interpersonal skills, like making eye contact and shaking hands.

You are invited to our first AVID meet and greet this Thursday (9/26) before Open House, from 5-6 in the cafeteria. Stop on by and enjoy a free pizza dinner! The entire family is welcome.

Week 9/16 – 9/20

Students are encouraged to SLANT in all classes (Sit in the front, Lean forward, Ask questions, Nod your head, Talk to the teacher).

We are also working on keeping binders neat and organized, as well as doing daily binder checks.