Welcome to the new Room 4 Digital Website.

Important information:

4j Student email page:  https://stumail.4j.lane.edu/

Students may need to access their email to accept Zoom meeting requests.  If your student is signed up with another email account, then they would need to go their to join meetings.

Google Suite: http://google-web.4j.lane.edu/

Students can use this link to quickly access Google Docs and Google Classroom

Zoom: Students can sign up here. https://zoom.us/signup  students should click “Sign up with Google” and enter their username with @4j.lane.edu at the end up it.

Daily Schedule

We will be starting on Monday, April 6th.  Each day students will have a variety of assignments.  We will start very structured with some math, reading, and writing activities.  For right now, all assignments will be found in their Google Classroom.  This will be changing as students become more comfortable working online.

Contact information: Students can email me (wade_m@4j.lane.edu) or directly reach out to me using Zoom.  My goal is to be available to them so they can rely on myself for support rather than family members who might be working from home.