Spanish 1


9/7 – Get syllabus signed. Get a 1 subject spiral notebook. School picture day is tomorrow!

9/8- No homework. Bring spiral to class on Monday.

9/11 – I will be giving only about 5 more minutes for the dictionary activity tomorrow. You can catch up by doing some at home using if you think you need more time. If you don’t finish tomorrow in the given time, the expectation will be for you to attend resource on Wednesday.

9/15 – Please bring book cover or brown paper bag so we can cover our text books. Go ducks!

9/18 – Please bring paper bags for book covers. If you did not finish the notes or book activity 10 in class today please come to resource on Wednesday. No further class time will be given.

9/19 – No homework. Bring paper bags for books covers.

9/20 – No homework. Bring paper bags.

9/21 – Finish number vocabulary crossword or come to resource. Study for practice verb quiz.

9/22 – No homework.

9/25 – Practice speech, presentations are Friday. Finish white vocabulary practice worksheet if you did not finish during the 14 minutes in class. Be good for the sub tomorrow.

9/28 – Study for verb quiz and speeches. Finish tan sheet if you didn’t in class.

10/2 – Collect donations for Ascot Walk.

10/3 – Collect donations for Ascot Walk. Chapter test on Thursday on the vocabulary we have learned so far. Verb quiz on Friday (hablar or caminar).

10/4 – Study for test.

10/10 – Get your memrise slips signed.

10/16 – Finish green vocab sheet. GET MEMRISE SLIPS SIGNED!

10/23 – Finish beige worksheet.

11/6 – Finish orange tercer paso worksheet if you did not finish in class.

11/21 – Finish white worksheet – Ch. 2 de antemano

12/6 – Finish green worksheet with vocabulary from primer and segundo paso of Ch. 2

12/8 – Finish dream bedroom drawing and sentences.

12/11 – Finish pink worksheet if you didn’t finish during the 30 minutes in class. Also, dream bedroom presentations are tomorrow, if you didn’t complete it over the weekend it needs to be ready by class time tomorrow with your sentences memorized!

1/16 – Finish the review on pg. 96 in the book if you didn’t finish in class and prepare for tomorrow’s test. 

1/31 – Finish white homework worksheet. Remember to study verbs and time telling for Friday.

2/5 – We are starting to pilot potential text books today! Students will be setting up the online version of our first book today, I am encouraging them to click around on the learning site at home at some point this week, parents feel free to take a look too and see what you think. 

2/13 – Please bring headphones to class tomorrow!

2/14 – If you didn’t finish the online activities please do so at home or at resource later this week.

2/15 – Quiz and survey tomorrow. The learningsite has flashcards if you want to try them out!

2/28 – Finish food poster project. 

3/13 – Food celebration! 

3/14 – End of Trimester 2. Kids don’t have school Thursday or Friday. Pilots of the new texts are over, thank you for participating in this weird but important experience. Enjoy the long weekend!

3/20 – Finish purple worksheet.

3/22 – Another purple worksheet! 

3/23 – Have a wonderful Spring Break! See you in April!

4/3 – Finish celebrity sentences. One sentence on physical characteristics and one sentence on personality for each celebrity.

4/16 – Please use chapter 4 on Memrise. There will be a prize for this week.

4/17 – green worksheet on ch. 4 (due tomorrow)

4/24 – finish blue worksheet.

4/30 – finish purple worksheet.

5/10 – finish blue worksheet.

5/15 – finish yellow worksheet

5/18 – collect or create props for video broadcast project