Coronavirus quarantine

Wow!  Less than one week ago, I participated in the staff vs. 8th grade student basketball game on Wednesday, May 12th.  Of course, we all knew the cases of coronavirus were growing in number and we had been discussing precautionary measures for over a week.  BUT, DID ANY OF US IMAGINE SCHOOL CLOSURE?!?  When I got home from the basketball game later that night, my son casually said, “Hey, Rudy Gobert has coronavirus and the NBA season is suspended indefinitely.”  I honestly couldn’t believe it, so I looked it up on twitter.  Yep, it was true!  By the next morning, the NCAA tourney had been cancelled and there were rumors about public school cancellations.  My son’s university, WashU in St. Louis, had emailed all students (they were on Spring Break) to tell them to not return and that all dorm materials would be sent home.  Of course, I wondered what this meant for the Cal Young Middle School and started to get the sinking feeling that school would be affected… Well, we got the news late Thursday night that Governor Brown ordered schools to be closed until April 1st.  All of the questions that everyone had… would we make these days up? would we do online schooling? etc. flooded my mind (and my email inbox:) ).  It will take some time for all of these questions to be answered, especially now that the “until April 1st” has become “until April 28th”.  While I cannot predict what this time will bring us, I do hope we are able to stay connected in some way.  I think we are very fortunate to live in a time with technology to bind us together and allow us to see others faces and read others thoughts.  So, please share your stories, your images, and your videos.  It will help all of be a little less isolated, strengthen our sense of community, and build our compassion for others.

A silver lining of all of this is the time spent with family.  We are sometimes so busy with school, work, and rushing to get everything done that we lose connection with our most important people.  So, my family (6 people and a furry friend) have been playing board games, reading, having meals together, etc. and the weather has been beautiful.  I’ll end this by sharing a photo and video of my furry friend, Crew.  I hope to share more updates soon.

Video of Crew – Click to download (IMG_5664 )

CY staff preparing for students

The CY teachers and educational assistants are hard at work preparing for students to return next week.  During August 29 – 31, the staff will collaborate on goals, instructional practice and our shared practices.  To see a few of our great CY staff members, see the photo gallery below….

School is almost here!

We have only two weeks until the CY staff (and WEB leaders) greet 6th grade students on Sept. 5th.  Our staff is eager to welcome students and families back to school.  If you are interested in supporting the office staff during registration on August 28th (noon to 4pm) for 6th graders or August 30th (noon to 4pm) for 7th/8th graders, then please visit the volunteer sign up website at  The opportunity is listed as #24 on the list and we need 15-ish if you would like to invite some friends.

Thank you for any help you can provide.  Have a wonderful last few weeks of summer.