Update: This Quarantine Life

I’ve been updating the blog with one or two entries a day @ http://blogs.4j.lane.edu/hoke/ I appreciate hearing the voices of experience share their daily life and thoughts with the rest of us, and I’ve been impressed to see more and more students sharing entries.

It has come to my attention that several students have been sending me their journal entries via email, but I haven’t been receiving them.  I know it is challenging, perhaps impossible, for students to access their 4J email account away from school, so I’ve created a Google Classroom to provide us a place to come together, share writing and artwork ideas with each other, and have the opportunity to connect while we’re away from the classroom.

The join code is 4jzdxjh

Apply to become a Student Mentor!

Are you one of those students who loves to come to the aid of friends when they’re struggling? Do you enjoy volunteering to share your ideas? Do you write thoughtful responses that go above and beyond the expectations?  Are you a strong writer who would like to assist other students as they edit their work?Consider applying to become a student mentor. Not only do you get the chance to help your fellow students, assigned a special seat at one of the tables in the class, but you earn Cougar Pride Bucks for your hard work. Once a month, all peer mentors will gather together to have breakfast before school; this will be an opportunity to share ideas and get support.

Homeroom mentors assist sixth and seventh grade students during homeroom Monday through Thursday, while Social Literacy mentors work to support their peers within their own class period.

Students MAY apply to become a peer mentor for both HOMEROOM and SOCIAL LITERACY.

Students who are interested must meet the guidelines below:

  • Up to date, high quality assignments
  • Consistently demonstrated strong work ethic
  • Grades of B or higher in core classes (Homeroom Peer Mentors)
  • At least an A- in Social Literacy (Social Literacy Peer Mentors)
  • A willingness to help others

Please respond to the questions at this LINK no later than next Monday, December 2nd, to apply to become a student mentor. Make sure you are logged into your 4J Google account when you submit the form.

  • If you currently have slightly lower grades than those listed above, but would still like to be considered, please see me individually before filling out the form.

Cal Young Middle School