WEEK FIVE: May 1-4

WEEK FIVE: May 1-4

Agenda for 1-2 May 2017:

  • Meet with Steve’s Advisory
  • Grade Checks with Your Teachers

Agenda for Wednesday, 3 May 2017:

  • Weekly check in
  • Grade Checks and Goals
    • There is one week left before grades come out for the current grading window
    • Please check in with your teachers and find out your current grades from them

Make sure your folder has the following:

  1. Academic Road Map: Use your transcript to reflect on your academic career
  2. Peer Interview Questions/Summary: Include your list of questions and how you felt doing the interview
  3. Your Story/I Am Poem
  4. My Accomplishment/Owning Feelings
  5. Grade Check Form

Agenda for Thursday, 4 May 2017:

Image result for May 4th

  • Mindset Exercise

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