Agenda for Monday, 1 May 2017

Missing Work Make Up Time

Diet Coke and Mentos Mythbusters

Agenda for Tuesday, 2 May 2017:

Working independently today, you should complete the following material and place in your folder.  The lab we will be completing on Thursday will be exploring a change between solid and liquid.  To be prepared, understanding the following background material will be helpful.

  • Exploring States of Matter
    • Read the following PDF
      • StatesOfMatter
      • Answer questions(Understanding and Inquiring) pg 16:  1-8
      • Answer questions 1-12 from pg 18 Looking Back (either print the page on answer on a separate piece of paper)
    • Watch and take notes on the following videos on Liquids and Solids

Agenda for Wednesday, 3 May 2017:

Check in, chemistry style

Intro to tomorrow’s lab.  (Its delicious and there will be no official lab report due, just the lab packet)

Finish yesterday’s material

Agenda for Thursday, 4 May 2017:

May the Forth Be With You

Image result for star wars day
  • Cold Milk Lab: Measuring Energy Transfer in the Creation of Ice Cream
    • Read the background info and then create a hypothesis before starting the lab

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