Report Card Notes


Prioritized Standards

This past summer, teams of 4J teachers Prioritized Math and ELA Standards using guidance from national organizations. Using these prioritized standards as a guide, our current report cards was examined to try to make the least amount of shifts possible to this familiar tool. Standards were realigned to report card items at each grade level. Also, some small language changes were made to a handful of math items K-5 and there are items that will not be reported on in ELA in light of which standards were deprioritized. The aim was to keep as close to the report card families and teachers are accustomed to. 



Getting Started

  • Review the most current report card checklist prior to beginning the report card process at Go to Report Cards > Report Card Completion Checklist. The checklist contains video links to help you through the process or email for assistance. Linked here is the October 2021 Checklist.

  • Report card marks include 4, 3, 2, 1, T, and Y. Non-Synergy Grade Book users and Synergy Grade Book users need to understand the performance level associated with each report card mark to ensure consistent grading practices throughout the district. This video explains the performance levels.



The Semester Comments box only holds 1600 characters. Unfortunately, Synergy’s character count does not accurately reflect “invisible” characters and allows  the entry of more characters than will print on the report card. Characters include any key pressed on the keyboard including the spacebar (one character) and return key (1-200 characters). Review this video for further instructions:, and select Report Cards > Comment Box: Fit Comments into the Text Box.

Best practice includes:

    • Write comments in a word processing document (or the Template referenced in the video) that is intermittently saved. Keep comments for all students until report cards are complete. Copy and paste comments into Synergy.

    • Before writing all comments, enter comments into Synergy for a couple of students for whom you have a lot to say. Then view a PDF of the report card to ensure the comments fit before continuing. This will give you a general idea of the amount of text that will fit. Do NOT rely on the “remaining characters” indicator. It is inaccurate.

    • The comment box is a finite space, so comments should be brief.

    • Provide specific feedback and information about the student.

    • Refrain from listing subjects and concepts covered. 


Dates for Completion

Key notes regarding report cards dates:

    • JUNE 16: Classroom teacher print two copies of your completed report cards, have them in two different stacks (one for the envelope to be mailed home & one for the student cum folder) Walk your two stacks down to the front office and hand-off by June 16. If there is a glitch in the printing, please communicate with the building principal, who can facilitate the printing of the report cards
. Specialists (Special Education, Title 1, PE, and Music) will deliver printed reports to the office or classroom teacher.
    • JUNE 17: Office staff prepare report cards to be sent home. 
    • JUNE 18: District courier will pick up the report cards from schools.
    • JUNE 21: Report Cards sent from district warehouse to EDMS for delivery to families.


* See below for additional details



Synergy Grade Book

Follow this link for information on Synergy Grade Book and the Report Card.


Elementary Report Card – New Information
June 6, 2021

Hello Elementary Leaders

The elementary report card blog – linked here has been updated. I am hoping the email below has all the information needed for report cards to be mailed out by the district. Please share with your staff – thanks for all you do!!

The Elementary Report Card envelope to be mailed home, by the school district, should include:
• Elementary report card (one page front and back)
• ELL report card (if needed)
• Sped progress report, if needed (four pages and under). If Sped progress report is larger, it will be mailed separately
**All other reports or materials should be placed in the folder or envelope sent home with the students (ie. Title, PE, Music, etc.)

Classroom teachers:
• Print two copies of your completed report cards, have them in two different stacks (one for the envelope to be mailed home & one for the student cum folder)
• Walk your two stacks down to the front office and hand-off by June 16
• If there is a glitch in the printing, please communicate with the building principal, who can facilitate the printing of the report cards

Building Administrators:
• Collaborate with front office staff and other building support staff to label and stuff report card envelope
• Please fold the report cards and put them in the envelopes
• Envelopes should be placed in a box if possible, facing the same way
• FYI – 4 to 5 sheets of regular paper will be within one ounce
• No need to sort your report card envelopes by zip code, EDMS will do that
• If you use envelopes with the self adhesive strip, you need to seal them yourselves. EDMS will not seal those.
• EDMS can run the envelopes through a machine to seal the gummed flaps. It is also okay if you want to seal the gummed envelopes yourself if that is your preference. Please indicate that they are already sealed so EDMS can easily identify them. A post-it is fine for this
• No need to fill out a postage slip with account number. The district is covering postage and we will fill out one slip for the mailing.
• Please have your envelopes ready for the 4J courier to pick up on Friday, June 18. Some will be picked up in the morning so please have them ready
• Address the box to: EDMS Report Cards
District courier will pick up the report cards from the Ed Center on the afternoon of Monday, June 21.

If you have any questions, please consult with your building administrator.

Thank you for your patience and support as we work through this process.

Brooke Wagner D.Ed.
Director of Elementary Education
Eugene 4J School District
200 North Monroe
Eugene, OR 97402



Elementary Report Card Parent Message

Dear Families, Due to the unusual school year, the elementary report card might not be as detailed as in previous years. Please take some time to review the new information in this message.

For this report card, the asterisk * has been added as an option for teachers to use when there is no basis for a grade. This asterisk does not appear in the performance key below. Asterisk * = no basis for grade.

In moving to distance, hybrid and same school online learning, some report card lines remain as “Y” all year. This does not mean these concepts have not been covered, they simply have not been a focus and reported on. There are some content specific shifts to note:

Text added here will be subject specific, according to grade level, K-5.

Over summer break, please look for information regarding what learning will look like for the upcoming 2021-22 school year. Although the future community health situation and state guidance for schools are still uncertain, 4J expects students to return in the fall for in-person school five days a week.

If you have specific questions regarding this message, please do not hesitate to connect with your child’s teacher or building administrator.



Past Information


Elementary Report Card
January 22, 2021

Hello Elementary Staff

Thank you again for feedback on the report card to best support communication home to families. A change to the performance key has been added. For the 2020-2021 school year, the use of an * asterisk will be added to the drop down menu.

Teachers will now have the options of:

Y = not yet taught
T = taught but not assessed
* = no basis for grade.

An asterisk is a temporary solution for the pandemic rather than using a 1 from the Performance Key. The Performance Key will remain the same and a pre-loaded district message will address the * for consistent communication. I want to publicly thank our district synergy team for their work to support this change.

We have also shifted away from emailing families the report card in February. We will use our supply distribution process to get the report cards to families. Your building administrator will be processing with your staff about how your building will specifically address this.

If you have any questions, please connect with your building principal. I continue to be impressed by your collective commitment to our students and families, while navigating this difficult situation, my most sincere thank you.

Be well,


Brooke Wagner D.Ed.
Director of Elementary Education
Eugene 4J School District
200 North Monroe
Eugene, OR 97402


Update info. regarding Elementary Report Card
January 8, 2021

Hello Elementary Staff

As you have all returned from a well deserved winer break – we are hoping to provide some additional clarity regarding the elementary report card. We want to acknowledge it feels a little strange to be doing a report card during a pandemic when all our contact with students has been through a screen. ODE has been clear in their guidance, different than last spring, that a report card is required.

We have consolidated questions and feedback we received into a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below. Please reach out to your building administrator if additional questions come up. We are working on the district messages that will be auto-populated into each grade level report card. We are also working on the delivery options we have for getting the report cards to families in February.

FAQ for the Elementary Report Card

Why don’t we completely change the report card?
The report card was created through negotiations with EEA. Fine tuning was used to honor prior work and agreements. We do not have the capacity to run a thorough process at this time.

Why won’t the district tell us how to report? Do we have discretion?
We want to honor the professional judgement of our teachers and allow the use of T’s and Y’s based on individual classroom experience and teacher discretion.

If we are prioritizing standards and time for ELA/Math and SEL why are we assessing writing, health, science and social studies? Should we be teaching these?

Many teachers are incorporating subjects beyond ELA/Math and SEL, which was not required. Writing is part of the ELA standards and writing standards have been prioritized. Our current report card is quite out of alignment with the prioritized standards we developed this past summer. The additional subject areas will be more specifically addressed in term 2. It is ok to put T or Y in these areas.

Why is there yellow?
The items highlighted in yellow represent a change on the report card.

Fear of accurate assessment due to parent involvement or lack of student participation

We are not to pass judgement on what we think may be happening in our students homes. Assess what is given to you with the assumption that students completed the work.

Why were sight words taken off the priority list?
1.RF.3 is a prioritized standard both at the state and national level. While 1.RF.3g is a part of this standard (Recognize and read grade-appropriate irregularly spelled words), the 4J content team deprioritized sight words in 1st grade to align with the national instructional recommendations to focus on decoding.

Who and how are report cards being emailed to parents?
Determination is still in progress and will be shared towards the end of the month.

General confusion on writing standards
The nationally and state adopted prioritized standards are considerably different from the current reporting marks on the report card. Many grade levels are markedly different. To completely align, a rewrite of these sections would have to take place which may need to be done by a committee with EEA.

Thank you for your continued work and commitment to our students and families during this unprecedented time. We will communicate later this month about how we will be sending the report card to families and the district message. Again, please direct questions to your building administrator and we will meet with them to process any outstanding needs.

Be well,

Eric Anderson – Director of Curriculum
Brooke Wagner – Director of Pre K-8