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IHS at South Eugene High School 2017-2018

9th Grade Global Literature Course Materials

Course syllabus:

9th Grade Global Literature and Writing syllabus 2017

11th Grade LOTA–American Voices Unit

Unit calendars: Please make sure you refer to the correct calendar for your class section!

American Voices 2017 calendar

American Voices 2017 calendar 11B


Overview of American Voices unit:

Overview of Portfolio Assignment 2017


Portfolio List of Texts:

American Voices pieces 2017


Portfolio Assignments #1-#6:

Portfolio Assignments 2017



11th Grade LOTA–Course Materials

Here are the important course materials I distributed on the first day of class:

Course Syllabus (please sign and return last page ASAP)

IHS IB Lit of Americas syllabus. 2017-2018

Overview of the IB Individual Oral Presentation (IOP) with rubric:

IOP overview

IOP rubric


Welcome Students!

Hello! Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year at South Eugene High School IHS, and welcome to my classes! This year, I will be teaching both 9th grade Global Literature and 11th grade Literature of the Americas (LOTA) in room 536 in the IHS hallway. 

Please use this blog as a useful tool to find important classroom documents and materials, as well as the place to go if you need an extra copy of any assignments or resources for our next class. If you lose something I gave you in class, just find it here and print out another copy for yourself. If you are absent from class, you should come here to find any materials you missed. I will do my best to keep this space updated throughout the year.

I look forward to working with all of you this school year!

Let’s get started!

Ms. Dearinger