What's new and cool at the CY Library

Library Hours for 2014-2015

Library Hours:

Tuesday – Thursday: 8:30-3:40
(8:00-8:30 with a pass on Tuesday and Thursday;
2:40 closure on Wednesday Early Release days)
Monday and Friday: 8:30-3:40 when Deb is available and with volunteers
(Check the library door or call first at ext. 6459);

Cal Young Library – Here for you!


Ms. Ketsche is not with us this year, but she’s keeping us posted about her adventures in Germany on her blog! Follow her at http://www.mskingermany.blogspot.com/. This link will be in the Blogroll on the right sidebar.

We are excited about starting the 2012-2013 year with lots of cool new books! Come on in and take a look! You can also browse online by following the links on the New Books site.

We’ll be getting OBOB started on Wednesday, September 19, If you’re interested, bring your lunch to the library and find out more. Our OBOB blog has lots about the battle books and CY’s battle traditions. We have a great time!