Spring Fever

Week 4 (April 19): 

Monday, April 19: Sexual Hygiene and STIs

Anonymous questions to Jo at Planned Parenthood. Follow this link: 



Week 3: 

Monday, April 12: Birth Control/Sexual Protection

Week 2 (April 5th)

Guest speaker from Planned Parenthood 

Topic: Reproductive A&P and Puberty

Use our regular link on the website – homepage. 


Week 1 (March 29th) 

Welcome back!!!!


Check-in: Share a fun thing you did over Spring Break. 

Practical: Schedule. Bus planning  

Ground rules: Expectations and RESPECT. 

Ideas on what to cover – what are YOUR ideas/concerns/questions? Dating? On-Line? … You can email questions or ideas to Anders, Heather or Morgan. We will bring up the topic anonymously.  


 Here is what Planned Parenthood will cover: what else do we want to discuss or learn more about? 


Monday, April 5: Reproductive A&P and Puberty

Monday, April 12: Birth Control/Sexual Protection

Monday, April 19: Sexual Hygiene and STIs

Monday, April 26: Consent

Monday, May 3: Healthy Relationships/Abuse Prevention

Monday, May 10: Managing Sexual Feelings/Sexual Decision Making



Video: Dating during pandemic (2min) 



FILTER OFF – dating: Is it the photo/profile or a person you’d like to get to know? 


What do you think? 


We all have various levels of experience with relationships, and I hope that we can all identify what some of the core components are of a healthy relationship.

Lets list some: what are you looking/hoping for in a healthy relationship?  

Trust, respect, communication, trust, honesty, sex/intimacy, similar interest,  …….




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