June 14, 2018

By Allan  

Hi Everyone,

Here are a few mid-week items of note I wanted to send out before the end of the year:

• Staffing Updates – I’m pleased to announce that joining Imelda, Lupe, and Suzy on the 5th grade team next year will be Zach Stone, who’s currently teaching 4th grade here at Howard. And with Becky sadly leaving us (though not really since Matt will still be here), that leaves a vacancy at 4th grade, but to fill that position I’m going to transfer Justine to join Carla and Jenny on the 4th grade team. This leaves a vacancy at 1st grade, which I have just submitted a posting for and will hopefully go up next Wednesday or the following Wednesday, so if you know of any excellent candidates, please encourage them to apply. I’m tentatively planning to conduct interviews the morning of Thursday, July 12th if anyone wants to join Jessy, Nicole, and myself on the interview committee. Just let me know.

• Classroom Assignment Updates – Linked here is an updated 2018-2019 Class Assignment Map. Regarding space for next year, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that Howard is now officially off the table as a potential future home for Corridor. The bad news is that downtown is unable to relocate SSD’s Early Childhood Team next year and I’ve instead had to ask for the Family Resource Center (Room 5) to move and become our fourth 5th grade classroom. I’m sad to lose the FRC, but I’m hopeful they will be able to come back after next year when ECT relocates to Kennedy MS.

• Classroom Room Numbers – Related to the above, Facilities informed me this week that we have to display our original confusing classroom numbering system (i.e. A101, A202, B101, B202, etc.) because maps with these numbers were provided to emergency services. However, we will stick with our current numbering system for ourselves, students, and families. What we’ll do is remove the small nameplates covering the old room numbers and will display OUR numbers in the paper sign holder portion of each nameplates outside each classroom. I can either provide folks with a bright strip to put in your class sign holder or you can incorporate a room number into your own custom nameplate display.

• Summer School Updates – I’ve gotten an update on Summer School building use, and only downstairs classrooms are going to be used. ESY will use downstairs blue and yellow wing classrooms. KITS and EEP will use downstairs green wing classrooms, along with the Community Room. There’s always a possibility this may change, so all teachers should still secure your areas, but I’ll let individual upstairs teachers know if I find out your classrooms will be used.

• NO COPIES FOR NEXT YEAR (yet) – Yes, I am shouting this. We are WAY over on our copy count for this year, so DO NOT run any copies for next school year until August. 

• Math Updates – Three math updates:

• Website: http://eugene4j.learnzillion.com will be updated throughout the summer and accessibility will vary. It is likely our first section of units in each grade will be under construction as of June 15th until early July.

• Materials: Our first set of student workbooks will arrive in buildings late August. As of this time, we will not be reprinting teacher guides or Investigation game binders. (There may be a few exceptions for 4th grade teachers who is receiving a new pacing that shifts some unit order for Year 2.)

• NEW/MOVING grade-levels in buildings: Please remember that school should keep and store all manipulative kit plastic tubs. If you had a grade-level reduction or increase, we will be attempting to move manipulative kits where needed around August too. Please make sure teachers moving grades or buildings have inventoried their kits and repackaged them into the plastic bin they arrived in.

• EEF Grant Update – EEF has awarded us our $5,000 Dreambox grant for next year, which is huge! We unfortunately did not get any of our other grants funded at this time. 

• Master Schedule Coming – We’re close to having something to share and I’ll share it and solicit feedback as soon as we have a few wrinkles ironed out. Stay tuned!

• Schedule of Upcoming Events – See the Google Calendar for future events, but here are the events of note for the rest of the year:

June 15 (F)

Last Day for Students, Early Release
Last Day for 192 & 196 Day Classified Employees
Sugar field to Emerald Park
10:00, Grab-n-Go Sack Lunches (Cafeteria)

“Grab & Go” Sack Lunch Schedule
10:00 Kindergarten
10:10 1st grade
10:20 2nd grade
10:30 3rd grade
10:40 4th grade
10:50 5th grade

11:05, K-5 Dismissal
11:30, Staff Last Day of School Root Beer Float & Ice Cream Sundae Party and Staff Farewell Celebration (Cafeteria)

June 18 (M)
Last Day for Licensed Staff
2:00-4:00, Allan to ILT Meeting (Library)
4:00-5:30, Allan to All Admin Meeting (Ed Center)

June (H)
Allan’s Last Day

July 12 (H)
8:30-12:30, 1st Grade Interviews (tentative)

July 26 (H)
Allan Reports Back to Work

August 28 (T)
Licensed Staff Report Back

August 29 (W)
Classified Staff Report Back
Howard Staff Back-to-School Staff Meeting

Enjoy the pictures below of some of this week’s fun so far!