September 8, 2021

By Allan  


Hi All,

Here is a special mid-week edition with thirteen items of note following a principal meeting this morning.

• Stand-Up Staff Meeting TODAY @1:30 (cafeteria) – Below is a lot of new information, so I wanted to pull everyone together for a Stand-Up Staff Meeting at 1:30 in the cafeteria to answer any questions or if there is anything we’re forgetting to address.

• Buses & Arrival Plan – Buses will start arriving at 7:25 (RT55 @7:25 and RT64, 65, 66 @7:30. SPED routes SR122 & SR87 @7:35), but I’m not going to open doors until 7:45. Students will line up at their doors to wait. This may be a train wreck of an idea, but I want to try this first so we con’t have to make teacher report times super early and make afternoon meetings ridiculously short.

• Teacher Hours & Meeting Times – Given downtown’s expectation that classroom teachers are to have 20-minutes of protected prep before supervising students at 7:45 means work hours for full-time licensed staff will be 7:25-3:25. Afternoon meeting times will be 2:45-3:25. I’ll get this updated on the Zimbra calendar soon.

• Breakfast & Lunch Indoors – Breakfasts will stay grab-and-go, eaten in the classroom as we originally planned. Downtown wants lunches eaten outside “to the extent possible” which I’ve decided is not possible for Holt given the size of our school, given not being able to fit everyone under the covered area, given air quality concerns, given bee and yellow jacket concerns, given wanting kids to space out on the playground, etc.

• Dismissal Plan – Dismissal will be the same as last spring. Classroom teachers will walk students to their designated grade level area. Students walking or biking home are free to go from there. Students riding the bus are to walk along with sidewalk directly to the bus area to line up by bus route. 10-minutes after dismissal any students not picked up will be taken to the office. One new addition is YMCA students, which start Friday, will walk through the main hallway to the gym.

• For Students in Quarantine, Care & Connect Seesaw Lessons – Downtown and EEA are still negotiating this, but at our principal meeting this morning we were told classroom teachers should offer “Care and Connect” lessons for the first few weeks of school for any students in quarantine (we have a few). I’d suggest recycling some of the SEL and start-of-the year Seesaw lessons you used last fall. DO NOT try to recreate your entire school day in Seesaw.

• Lanyards Delayed – The lanyards delivered to downtown yesterday were the wrong ones, so they’ve put in a rush order for the correct one.

• Water Bottles Order Delayed – Water bottles were supposed to have been delivered last week, but have not even shipped yet. I’ll send an email to families later today asking to send a water bottle.

• Masks Now Required Outside (unless 6-feet distance) – Masks are now required for all staff and students outdoors if they cannot maintain 6-feet distance. That means unless you are walking by yourself on the track or field, you need to wear your mask outside.

• Daily Student Health Questions – The two precisely worded questions we asked each student in the morning last spring are no longer required, but teachers should still check in with each student each morning to make sure they are well and not feeling ill.

• Staff Eat 6-Feet Apart – This isn’t a new rules, but 4J is seeing a spike in transmissions between vaccinated staff members who are eating closer than 6-feet apart. Make sure you are at least 6-feet apart when eating in the presence of other staff members.

• Fall Benchmark Testing Starts Sept. 25 – easyCBM is now open, but schools are not to begin testing until the week of Sept. 25th. This will put Title 1 groups starting sometime in mid-October.

• Behavior EA Interviews Friday @1:45 (tentative) – As long as I get candidates today, I’m planning to hold Behavior EA interviews this Friday at 1:30 in the school garden area if anyone would like to help. Let me know if you’re interested.

Feel free to find me before the Stand Up Staff Meeting if you have questions or want to talk before then.