Monthly Archives: December 2021

January 3, 2022

  Happy New Year, Everyone! Hope you all were able to relax during your break and maybe even forgot what day of the week it was at some point. Sixteen items of note for this week: • Jan. 3 Professional Development  – We’ll meet in the cafeteria for the Jan. 3 PD. 7:30-8:00 is an optional […]

December 13, 2021

Hey Holt Bolts, The week before winter break is usually a crazy one, with more than normal of escalated behaviors (kids and adults), so be prepared. Also, give yourself permission to just have fun with kids this week, which can lessen some of the undesired behaviors. That’ll also send kids off to winter break on […]

December 6, 2021

Hello All, It was fun seeing folks at the staff holiday party last week. I’m in full support of more Fridays at 4:00 and such if others are into that! Twelve items of note for this week: • PBIS Orange Ticket Bonanza! – Just 28 spaces to go in the Orange Ticket Board. Keep the […]