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Welcome to the home of the Buena Vista Spanish Immersion Music program. Click on your grade level to find songs, activities, and information for your grade. 


Ways to Enjoy Music Over Summer


  1. Listen to your favorite music everyday.
  2. Discover new music with your family by listening to the radio or exploring the music linked on our website. Keep following our Eugene symphony conductor Francesco Lecce-Chong to learn more about classical music.
  3. Keep a journal of the music you listen to. Make sure to write down the artist and the name of the song. Try to write down the reasons why you like it or don’t like it.
  4. Listen to the sounds in around you in the world. The sounds of your house, the city, nature, and more. Keep track of the sounds you like through a journal and try to recreate them. 

Make Music

  1. Learn to play an instrument:
    1. Watch how playing an instrument helps your brain:           
    2. Piano, guitar, and ukulele are great places to start for beginners. 
    3. Take private lessons. Some teachers will teach parents and students at the same time to allow families to learn together. E-mail maestro Johnson at johnson_st@4j.lane.edu for a teachers or information about purchasing an instrument. 
    4. Find games or videos to practice on your own. Youtube has many videos for many instruments. Little Kids Rock has lessons for piano, drums, bass, ukulele, and guitar. A video game called Rocksmith is a fantastic way to learn and practice electric guitar or bass on Playstation, Xbox, or computer. Ukulelehunt is great for learning Ukulele. There are also a variety of apps available, such as yousician for guitar, to help learn different instruments.
  2. Make you own instruments and songs
    1. Make your own instrument with instructions from the Dallas Symphony Orchestra
    2. Practice song writing with Little Kids Rock
  3. Make Music online
    1. Create loop based music with on the web with incredibox
    2. Explore Chrome Music Lab
    3. Use shapes and lines to create various grooves using Groove Pizza
    4. Make drum beats using Drumbit
    5. Write music using video game like sounds on a grand staff


  1. Dance to any music you love.
  2. Do a “Just Dance” from our website located in the kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade pages (most of the just dances are the same). 
  3. Learn to dance a specific style such as cumbia, salsa, square dance, or hip-hop. Links for different dances will be added throughout the summer on our BV music website. 

Play Music Games

Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade


4th and 5th Grade

Keep checking out music website to see all of the new things added and have a wonderful summer!