__Science 2019-20__

This blog is no longer current.  As of Sept 2020, CYMS is using Canvas as its teaching platform for distance learning during Covid19.


Welcome to 7th Grade Science

Scroll down for the daily agenda.  Most recent week is at the top.

  • Please use this page to see what we did in class and if you have any homework. 
  • IQWST   IDE  login   

    • User name = your 4j username (no @4j.lane.edu),
    • Password = your 6 digit lunch/ID number
  • IQWST Earth Science Unit (Weather) lab videos


Date Classwork – All assignments are posted in Google Classroom
Monday 06/08
Tuesday 06/09 All late and missing work due by 8 a.m. tomorrow
Wednesday 06/10

All late and missing work due by 8 a.m.

Thursday 06/11 Teachers are preparing your end of term grades.
Friday  06/12 District furlough day to save money for next year.  No assignment & no Zoom!  See you next week!


Date Classwork – All assignments are posted in Google Classroom
Monday 06/01
Tuesday 06/02 How are soap and bile similar?  pdf in Google Classroom.

Video link if the one in the pdf doesn’t work for you.

Wednesday 06/03
Thursday 06/04 No Zoom!  Absorption experiment. pdf
Friday  06/05 District furlough day to save money for next year.  No assignment & no Zoom!  See you next week!


Date Classwork – All assignments are posted in Google Classroom
Monday 05/25 Memorial Day
Tuesday 05/26 What happens to food in yyour mouth?  Nearpod + Google Form
Wednesday 05/227 What happens to starch molecules in your mouth?  Nearpod + Google Form
Thursday 05/28 All about your stomach.  Nearpod.

I will not be available for email or Zoom todayy.  See you next week!

Friday  05/29 Catch-up day.  This is time for you to work on any missing assignments yyou have.  Start with the most recent and work backwards.  All caught up?  Congratulations!  Enjoy the day off!


Date Classwork – All assignments are posted in Google Classroom
Monday 05/18 Use Reading 2.3  “Cells: Here, There, Everywhere” to complete the Google Form.  Access the reading through the IQWST link above.
Tuesday 05/19 Nearpod about systems.  The code is in Google Classroom.
Wednesday 05/20 321 summary in Google Forms based on the introduction to the digestive system by Bill Nye
Thursday 05/21 1) 321 summary in Google Forms based on the digestive system model video “Making Poo”
2) Digestive System Model mini-project – download the pdf and start planning.  This is like the cell model you built where you use what is around you and put all the pieces back when you are done.
Friday  05/22 Build your model and submit the pdf.


Date Classwork – All assignments are posted in Google Classroom
Monday 05/11
  • If you have missing/late assignments that you would like to count toward your midterm grade, you need to turn them in before noon today. Thank you.
  • What are the characteristics of living things? Use the Nearpod to complete the pdf.
  • Goto join.nearpod.com and use the nearpod code listed in today’s assignment in Google Classroom.
Tuesday 05/12
  • Google Form for the 2 videos below.  You will use this information for your project on Wed & Thur.
Wednesday 05/13 Cell Model Project Planning and Research (you will turn in a pdf that includes a photo of you model on Thursday).
Thursday 05/14 Build your model and submit the pdf.
Friday  05/15 No school for students.  Midterm grading day.


Date Classwork – All assignments are posted in Google Classroom
Monday 05/04
  • Next Friday, May 15th, is Midterms. If you have missing/late assignments that you would like to count toward your midterm grade, you need to turn them in before noon on Monday 05/11. Thank you.
  • 7.1 Does temperature vary in locations with different latitudes?  Same pdf and Google Form for Monday and Tuesday. You will do some work on the pdf, but your graded answers are on the Google Form.
Tuesday 05/05 7.2 Do the number of daylight hours vary in locations with different latitudes?  Same pdf and Google Form as Monday.
Wednesday 05/06
  •  7.4 Does the angle that light hits the Earth affect intensity and average temperature?  Same format – some work on a pdf, graded work is the Google Form.
  • There is an extra credit option available for this assignment (See Google Classroom).
  • Link for Column 5 of the Summary Data Table
Thursday 05/07 8.1 How does the motion of the Earth affect temperature and different latitudes?

Nearpod – code is in Google Classroom.  You can either use the app or go to join.nearpod.com  and enter the code.

Friday  05/08
  • Quiz (Exit Write format)
  • Next Friday, May 15th, is Midterms. If you have missing/late assignments that you would like to count toward your midterm grade, you need to turn them in before noon on Monday 05/11. Thank you.


Date Classwork – All assignments are posted in Google Classroom
Monday 04/27 What is Air Pressure?  You will be using the same Google Form for Monday and Tuesday

  1. Reading – The Highs and Lows of Air Pressure
  2. Video – Why is high pressure associated with fair, clear skies while low pressure systems are associated with clouds?
  3. Nice summary diagram of H/L pressure
  4. Surface map showing H & L pressure areas.
Tuesday 04/28
Wednesday 04/29 Weather Satellites – did you find one that passes overhead close to Eugene?

Satellite Tracking Link – https://www.n2yo.com/satellites/?c=3

Thursday 04/30 . What caused the Chicago Storm? – Analyze storm data and write a CER
Friday  05/01 Is Air Pressure a good forecasting tool?  Comparing the forecasted air pressure to the actual weather.   CER


Date Classwork
Monday 04/20
  • If you have questions make sure you pop in for Zoom office hours (see Google Classroom).  The link for Zoom will always be in Google Classroom.  Remember, no Zoom hours on Fridays so don’t procrastinate with your work and questions.
  • Entry write to review last week.
  • How does air temperature affect air density?  Easy experiment with a balloon.
  • This picture might help you explain the balloon experiment.
Tuesday 04/21
  • What is convection?  Bill Nye’s model – short video
Wednesday 04/22
  • Convection Reading Link
  • Storm cloud video – Where is the warmest part of the ground?  How can you tell?  Can you see the “replacement” air for the convection cell coming in from the side?
  • Video of clouds flowing like a river – are the clouds warmer or cooler than the surrounding air?  How can you tell?
Thursday 04/23 Combining everything from last week and this week into one model (drawing) that explains air movement in terms of convection. 
Friday  04/24 How does air pressure relate to weather? And a short quiz.


Date Classwork
Monday 04/13
Tuesday 04/14
  • Reading 1.2 on the IDE
  • Submit the Google Form
Wednesday 04/15 Download the pdf and draw a model that shows how you think the air above the Earth’s surface is heated.  There are detailed directions on the form.
Thursday 04/16 Thermal Energy transfer.  Can you use your knowledge of energy conversion and transfer to accurately predict and explain the experiment?  Can you come up with an alternate way to do this experiment at home?
Friday  04/17 Google Form – Write a CER explaining either my data for the experiment or use data from your at home experiment.  3 questions after the CER from reading 2.2 in the IDE (see top of this page for login link and info).

Submit – Monday’s assignment, Wed/Thur experiment assignment, Friday’s CER


Date Classwork
Monday 04/06
  • Welcome back!  Last Friday, you should have received an invite to join our new 7th grade Science Google classroom.  If you did not, please email me and I will send you the join code.
  • Anatomy of a virus – form in Google Classroom.  This form is set-up so that you can edit after you submit.
  • If you have questions make sure you pop in for Zoom office hours (see Google Classroom).  The link for Zoom will always be in Google Classroom
Tuesday 04/07
  • What makes you smile?
  • Stopping the spread – form in Google classroom.  This form is also set-up so that you can edit after you submit.  Article link for this assignment – Here
Wednesday 04/08
  • Continue with and finish yesterday’s assignment. – Part 2 Stopping the Spread
Thursday 04/09 Finish Part 2, Start Part 3
Friday  04/10 Complete Part 3.


No School the week of 3/30 – 4/03 due to Corona Virus Concerns – take care of yourself!

Teachers are working on preparing lessons for you and learning how to best communicate with you and teach you remotely.  Wash your hands with soap and water.

Next week be ready to use your iPad for some Science learning!


No School the week of 3/16 – 3/20 due to Corona Virus Concerns – take care of yourself!


Date Classwork Homework
Monday 03/09
  • All Late/missing work due by 4pm
  • Finish and turn in the Wind Turbine Packet
Tuesday 03/10
  • Wind Turbine Quiz
  • SN L10
Wednesday 03/11 312 summaries for – NOVA – search for a better battery None
Thursday 03/12 No School for Students  
Friday  03/13 No School for Students  


Date Classwork Homework
Monday 03/02 Wind Packet p4 – 6.  Which blade shape converted the most air KE into Electrical Energy?  Did gearing make a difference? Finish CW.  Have you submitted your 8.3 Notability.
Tuesday 03/03 End of the term is next Thursday.  All late/missing work since midterms is due by 4pm next Monday.
Wednesday 03/04
  • One person at each table, send me the average wind speed you calculated (page 4, #2) – data link here
  • Finish designing your blades
  • Start testing your blades.
See above.
Thursday 03/05
  • Grades updated to include your 8.3 Notability.
  • How does pitch affect your blades’ efficiency?
See Tuesday.
Friday  03/06 All late/missing work since midterms is due by 4pm Monday.


Date Classwork Homework
Monday 02/24
  • Submit your 8.3 Notability document in GC
  • Finish L8.  L8 Summary row p3 & 4
  • Start L9 in Notabiity
Leave SN.  Finish page 1 of your 8.3 document and submit it if you did not already.
Tuesday 02/25
  • 9.1 & 9.2 in Notability.  Did your battery in a jar produce electrons?  What is your evidence?
Finish CW
Wednesday 02/26 Finish L9

Check your grade.  Missing any of the last 4 assignments?  What’s your plan to get them turned in to raise your grade?

Finish CW
Thursday 02/27 Work vs Power


None, if you are done with Mon – Wed Classwork and Homework
Friday  02/28 Map the KE of the air in the wind tunnel.  Is it what you expected? None, if you are done with Mon – Wed Classwork and Homework


Date Classwork Homework
Monday 02/17 President’s Day – No School  
Tuesday 02/18
  • SN p3 & 4 – Lesson Summaries for L6 & L7
  • SN p95
  • Reading 8.3
Finish CW
Wednesday 02/19
  • 8.3 (Notability) – Which chemical reaction converted more CE to TE?
Your data tables from today need to be filled in.
Thursday 02/20
  • Science Principles (see Mail)
  • Data Sharing (GC) & discussion
  • 8.3 CER (GC)
Finish your 8.3 data tables and CER
Friday  02/21
  • Entry write
  • 8.4
None, IF your CW for T, W, & Th is complete.


Date Classwork Homework
Monday 02/10
  • SN p85 & 86
  • Rubber band slow motion and 321 Summary (GC)
Finish CW.   Lessons 5 & 6 should be complete, and your 321 from last Wednesday submitted.
Tuesday 02/11
  • Finish Rubber band 321 Summary – edit one observation so that it includes a percent or fraction.
  • Finish L7
  • BBC Shrimp video
Finish CW

If you have long hair, you will need a hair tie tomorrow.

Wednesday 02/12 8.1 Notability Finish CW
Thursday 02/13
  • SN p93 & 94
  • 8.2 – What is the source of the energy that made the cup rotate?  How many conversions and transfers occurred?
L7 and your 8.1 Notability should be complete.
Friday  02/14 SN p95 – drawing/modeling the energy conversions and transfers that occurred with the candle. CW from M – Th should be complete.


Date Classwork Homework
Monday 02/03 Finish L5, L5 Summary, SN p71 Finish CW – Lesson 5 should be complete.  Lesson summaries on SN p3 & 4 should be complete for Lessons 1 – 5.
Tuesday 02/04
  • SN p72 & 73
  • Start a fire with a hammer?
  • Crumple Zone article & 321 summary (GC) – due by beginning of class on Thursday.
Finish CW
Wednesday 02/05
  • 5 minutes to work on your 321 summary if you did not finish yesterday.
  • SN p74 – 78 Types of Potential Energy.  Which one do you think is the most useful?
Finish CW
Thursday 02/06 Finish Lesson 6 Finish CW – Lessons 5 & 6 should be complete, and your 321 submitted.
Friday  02/07 MAPS testing – all day.  Take your SN with you to testing so you can finish up Lessons 5 & 6. None if you finished this week’s CW


Date Classwork Homework
Monday 01/27 All late/missing work due by 4pm.  Late/missing work turned in after this time will not count toward your Science grade.

Work on Lesson 5 – Energy Transfer Diagrams.

None.  Leave your SN in the tub.
Tuesday 01/28 SN p65 – directions sent to you in email.  None.
Wednesday 01/29 Why did your pendulum lose GE and KE on every swing?  SN p66 (not the graph) & p64.  Why did the rope pendulum lose KE faster than the string pendulum? None.
Thursday 01/30
  • SN p67-69
  • Exit Write
Friday  01/31 No School for students.  Professional Development and Grading for teachers.  


Date Classwork Homework
Monday 01/20 No School- MLK Day  
Tuesday 01/21  

SN p48 & 52 – Do you think a plastic ruler or a wooden paint stick has more EE?  Why?

Next Friday is MidTerm.  This means next Monday at 4pm is a cutoff date for all late/missing assignments.  Make sure you check your grade for missing assignments.
Wednesday 01/22
  • SN p52 – Collect data,
  • SN p53 – all.  Did you use data in your evidence statements?
Finish CW
Thursday 01/23 Study for the quiz
Friday  01/24 Next Friday is MidTerm.  This means next Monday at 4pm is a cutoff date for all late/missing assignments.


Date Classwork Homework
Monday 01/13
  • Choose one of these articles to read – 13 yr old female bull rider, or sea snake depth record.
  • Grades updated – are you missing anything?  What are your plans to earn credit for the missing assignment?
  • SN p38 &39 – Which is more important, KE or GE?  Why?
Create and carry out a plan to take care of any missing assignments.
Tuesday 01/14
  • Add to your Science Principles document
  • Cut out your energy conversion pie graphs
  • Add to the DQB
  • Finish L3 – How is a pendulum swinging similar to dropping a puck?
Leave SN if you are done with L3.
Wednesday 01/15
  • SN p43 &45
  • Slow motion ball bounce – video
  • Golf ball hitting a steel plate – video
None, leave SN in tub
Thursday 01/16 SN p44, 50 & 51  
Friday  01/17
  • Exit Write (GC) – if you miss class then you need to come in before school to make this up.
  • Finish #1&2 at the bottom of SN p50 & #3 at the top of p51.
  • Complete reading 4.1
None, IF you completed all of this week’s classwork.


Date Classwork Homework
Monday 01/06 No School for students  
Tuesday 01/07  

Review KE and what we know affects it.

SN p1&2 for Lessons 1 & 2, SN p25

If you were absent Friday 12/20, you need to make up an exit write and pre-test before school this week.   There will be a sign up sheet on the front counter.

Finish CW

Wednesday 01/08
  • Grades updated – any missing assignments you need to take care of this week?
  • Set-up Science Principles document in Notability for the Physical Science Unit (Blue SN).
  • SN p26
  • Start L3
Lessons 1 & 2 should be complete in your SN
Thursday 01/09
  • SN p27 – 29
  • per 1 only – Reading 3.1 (since you won’t have Science tomorrow due to the middle of the middle breakfast).
Finish CW
Friday  01/10 SN p29, Reading 3.1(p32-36) Finish CW


Date Classwork Homework
Monday 12/16 None – all school trip to Mathew Knight Arena None
Tuesday 12/17
  • Finish SN p20, 
  • p21 & 22 – How does speed affect an object’s KE?
SN p20 should be complete
Wednesday 12/18
  • Grades updated, do you have any missing assignments to take care of before winter break?
  • p22 – finish data collection, write your C & E
Finish CW
Thursday 12/19
  • Finish p22
  • SN p23 & 24
Finish CW so you don’t have Science HW over break!!
Friday  12/20 PreTest, Discuss p24, Exit Write, show me SN p22 & 23. None, Leave SN


Date Classwork Homework
Monday 12/02 No School for Students – Grading Day None
Tuesday 112/03
  • Did you miss the exit write last Wednesday?   What is your plan to make it up this week?
  • Entry write – most important Science Principle?
  • SN p105 – Properties of our soap and its ingredients.
Finish CW. 
Wednesday 12/04
  • SN p106 & 107 Soap CER
SN p106 should be complete
Thursday 12/05
  • SN p107 – finish your Reasoning
  • Which cleans better – your soap or store soap?  Document in Notability.
SN p107 should be complete.  Soap document should have photos and descriptions.
Friday  12/06
  • Entry write
  • Soap data – class results
  • Start Soap Cleaning CER
None if you finished SN p106 & 107, and your L14 Notability.


Date Classwork Homework
Monday 11/25
  • Submit your open system data
  • Finish your L12 procedures
  • Submit your closed system data
Tuesday 11/26
  • SN p103 & 104. Open vs Closed systems.  Did you show conservation of mass?
Wednesday 11/27
  • Entry Write, SN p1 & 2
Thursday 11/28
  • No School – Thanksgiving Break
Platinum Rule
Friday  11/29
  •  No School – Thanksgiving Break
Platinum Rule


Date Classwork Homework
Monday 11/18
  • prepare for soap making
You must have on closed toed shoes tomorrow (no sandals). 
Tuesday 11/19
  • make soap!
Wednesday 11/20
  • Clean-up
  • SN p88-90
Thursday 11/21
  • Open System Reactions SN p91, 95, 96
Friday  11/22
  • Reading 12.4, Start writing closed system reaction procedures in Google Docs.  One person should have downloaded and shared the document with everyone at your table.
None, Please leave your SN


Date Classwork Homework
Monday 11/11
  • Veteran’s Day – any veteran’s in your family or friends?  My grandfather was an airplane navigator in WWII.
Tuesday 11/12
  •  Start L10 – Question on SN p81, Data only on SN p82.
Wednesday 11/13
  • Science Principles (see Mail) into Notability
  • Finish SN p82
  • Balancing equation practice
  • Finish CW.
  • Try to balance 2 of the equations you have in Notability.
Thursday 11/14
  • More balancing equation practice
  • Quiz review
Friday  11/15
  • Quiz on chemical reactions. 


Date Classwork Homework
Monday 11/04
  • SN p75 & Notability – Splitting water molecules
Chemical reaction slideshow due tomorrow.
Tuesday 11/05
  • Submit Chemical reaction slideshow
  • SN p76 – 80 Discuss the chemical reaction of electrolysis. 
Finish Reading 8.4
Wednesday 10/06 None, Leave SN.
Thursday 11/07
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences – No School for students
  • Grades updated.  If you are missing assignments you should come talk to me so we can figure out what you need to do to turn them in.
Friday  11/08 No School for students.  


Date Classwork Homework
Monday 10/28
  • Set-up 8.1 (it has to sit for at least 24 hrs)
  • SN p1&2 L7 Row
  • Marshmallow & Toothpick model of Mg burning.
Finish CW
Tuesday 10/29
  • SN p61-63, Start Reading 8.4, 
  • Work on Chemical Reaction Project – did you add to your source list?  At a minimum you should have the page you copied the reaction from.
Finish Reading 8.4
Wednesday 10/30
  • SN p71 & 72 Cu + Vinegar reaction.  What is the Science term for vinegar?  What is your evidence that a new substance formed?
  • Work on Chemical Reaction Slideshow.  You should be at least half done.
Thursday 10/31
  • Finish SN p72 – Which atoms broke their bonds to form the Copper Acetate?
  • SN p67 – 69, 64
  • Work on Slides – If you finish, show it to me and I will grade it.
Stay safe.  Eat Glucose.
Friday  11/01 Finish L8

Work on slides.

  • L8 should be complete.
  • Slideshow is due by the end of the day on Tuesday.  You will not have any more class time to work on it.


Date Classwork Homework
Monday 10/21
  •  SN p48 – notes.
  • Notability 6.1 CER – did a new substance form?  You should also have a description for each photo.   This document needs to be submitted through Google Classroom by 3:45 on Thursday.
Finish your L6 CER in Notability.
Tuesday 10/22
  • Grades updated – if you are missing the last two assignments, you need to take care of that ASAP.  Remember you can improve your L5 score upto a 6.5 IF you come and talk to me first.
  • Reading 6.3 & Baking Soda / Road Salt in detail
  • SN p1&2 – L6 row
Finish CW. 

L5 CER repairs done? Notability L6 done? Both are due by 3:45 pm on Friday.

Wednesday 10/23
  • Start L7 – Is burning a chemical reaction?
    • add Mg to p28 and complete the row,
    • SN p55 & 56
  • See Tuesday.
  • Periods 1, 5, & 6 – bring earbuds/headphones.  I will have some loaners.
Thursday 10/24
  • Periods 1, 5, & 6 – Repair and Finish up Day
  • Great White SharkFlorida Pythons
  • Periods 2, 3, & 4 – You will be on the Field Trip to LCC.  L5 repairs and your Notability document are due by 3:45 tomorrow.
See Tuesday.
Friday  10/25 Make sure you have submitted 6.1 Notability through Google Classroom.

Finish L7 – pages 55 – 59

None, if you finished all of the CW & HW from this week.


Date Classwork Homework
Monday 10/14
  • SN p3 – add to vocab list
  • Add Sci. Prin. 5 – 7 to Chemistry Science Principles document in Notability.
  • SN p1 & 2 – summarize Lesson 1
  • SN p42 & 43 – Finish the fat vs soap CER
Finish CER
Tuesday 10/15
  • CER Scoring Practice (check your Mail)
  • Edit CER
  • Add to the Driving Question Board (DQB).
  • Reading 5.2
None if Lesson 5 is complete
Wednesday 10/16 SN p1 & 2 complete the summaries for L2 – L5.

Hunting Elements + Exit Write(GC).

None if you completed summaries for at least L2 – L4.
Thursday 10/17 6.1 (Notability) – download the data recording document into Notability <HERE> None.
Friday  10/18 Finish your captions for your photos in Notability, and Reading 6.2 Finish CW


Date Classwork Homework
Monday 10/07
  • Finish page 2 of your Notability Density Practice Document.  How close were you to the actual densities?  Did you try redoing some of them?
  • Reading 4.2
  • All late/missing work due by 4pm.  Assignments turned in after 4pm will not count toward your Science grade.
Finish the reading.
Tuesday 10/08 SN p39 & 40 – Density of soap and fat Finish CW
Wednesday 10/09 SN p41-42 start the CER – soap vs fat. None Leave SN
Thursday 10/10 Grading/Professional Development – No school for students.  
Friday  10/11 State Inservice Day – No School  


Date Classwork Homework
Monday 09/30 Finish CW.  Grades were updated last week.  Any missing assignments to take care of?
Tuesday 10/01 None
Wednesday 10/02 Density practice – SN p33 & 34 Finish CW
Thursday 10/03 More Density Practice – page 2 of your Notability document from Tuesday.

Starting – Hunting the Elements

Check the weather forecast for the walk tomorrow.
Friday  10/04 More “Hunting the Elements” with an exit write the last 10 minutes of class.  Turn in the exit write before you leave the classroom. Next Monday is a cutoff date – no late/missing assignments from before the cut off date will be accepted after the cutoff date.


Date Classwork Homework
Monday 09/23
  • SN p18 – Describing Solubility – modeling, how does the video relate to our solubility experiment?
  • Edit your exit write from Friday
  • Start SN p23 – melting point
None if SN pages 13 – 22 are complete.
Tuesday 09/24
  • SN p23 & 24 (data only) – Is Melting point a property? Explain.
  • 3.1 Melting point Procedures 2019 – download into Notability.  Complete the header row, read carefully, and place a “?” next to any step you have questions about.
SN p23 & 24 should be complete
Wednesday 09/25 FYI – I only update grades once a week maximum. So if you turn in an assignment late, you will have to wait until the next time I update to see it on your grade.

  • Finish p24, discuss class data.
  • Reading 3.3
Finish CW
Thursday 09/26
  • SN p29
  • Grades updated.  Any missing assignments?  What’s your plan to complete them and raise your grade?
Open House – if you send your adult, please make sure they have a copy of your schedule or your agenda planner (with your schedule written in it).
Friday  09/27 SN p28 – elements comparison.  Which element was the most interesting?  Why? None if your CW from M – Th is complete.


Date Classwork Homework
Monday 09/16
  • GC entry write – we will discuss and brainstorm as a class, and then you will have 5 minutes to write.
  • SN p9 & 10 – for each paragraph: underline the main idea and circle 2-4 key words.
Finish SN p9 & 10
Tuesday 09/17 SN p13 – 15  What is the different between a substance and a mixture?  Complete the chart on SN p16 when you finish the reading. Finish CW
Wednesday 09/18 Solubility  – SN p19 – 20  Do fat and soap have the same solubility?

2.2 Document – download into Notability

Thursday 09/19
  • Grades updated.  Are you missing any assignments?  Come see me before school so we can figure out how to finish them so you can earn some points!
  • SN p15 & 16 – substance vs mixture
  • SN p17 – what is solubility?
  • SN p19-20 summarize yesterday’s solubility lab
Finish CW
Friday 09/20
  • Vocab & Science Principles
  • SN p21-22 How do properties affect function?
  • Exit Write (GC) – 5 pts possible, see Science writing rubric on the grading page.
None if SN p9-22 are complete


Date Classwork Homework
Monday 09/09
  • Turn in your Spaghetti Tower paper.
  • Synch your iPad – if you turned in your signed tech agreement.
  • You – by the numbers
Tuesday 09/10
  • Class expectations and lab safety latter (due by Friday 09/13)
  • SNs (Science Notebook) handed out.
Get letters signed by the adult in your life.
Wednesday 09/11
  • Show me your letters if they are signed.
  • SN p5 & 6 – (1.1 procedures)
Get letters signed by the adult in your life.
Thursday 09/12 SN p7 – Data table only Get letters signed by the adult in your life.
Friday 09/13
  • Last day to turn in letters for full credit.
  • Picture day – this will happen during your Science class.
  • SN – finish L7
None if SN pages 5 – 7 are  complete.


Date Classwork Homework
Monday 09/02 Labor Day – no school Collect Vitamin D
Tuesday 09/03 No School for students  
Wednesday 09/04 No School for 7th / 8th graders  
Thursday 09/05 There is only one rule in Science – “Use good manners.”

Use your engineering skills.  What did your group accomplish?  Did everyone contribute?  How would you change your design?

Friday  09/06 Discus your engineering product.  How do you think this activity relates to this year in Science at CY?  How does this activity relate to kindergarten and the rest of your life?  Turn in your paper if you finish.
  • Finish Spaghetti Tower paper.
  • Do you need to get your tech agreement signed?
  • Collect Vitamin D



Date Classwork Homework



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