Alexander the Great?

HIST: A-Day, Tue., 9/22

  1. Video clip: Engineering an Empire: The Persians (4:50 to end, c. 4 min.)
  2. Discuss reading
  3. Assign thesis
  4. Support thesis using textbook, Ch. 5, Sections 4-5; “Alexander’s New Look,” article from S. News and World Report, 11/14/04
  5. Class debates
  6. Test review

Homework due next class (Wed., 9/23 [B]-Thu., 9/24 [C]): Small test on Greece, short answer, 25 points.

Quiz on Economics Foundations

A/B-Day, Tue., 9/22/15-Wed., 9/23/15

  1. Quiz on the Foundations of Economics
  2. Group product activity
  3. Overview of remaining terms

Homework due next class (Wed., 9/23 [B]-Thu., 9/24 [C]): None. If you were absent, download and read the directions for our class activity. Contact a friend and ask which product and prices his/her group chose. Use the same product and price points to create your own personal demand schedule and demand curve (steps 3 and 4).

Concept Round-Up; PPC Review

B/C-Day, Fri., 9/18/15-Mon., 9/21/15

  1. Review first PPC worksheet
  2. Concept Round-up:
-Growth v. development
-Positive v. normative analysis
-Market, planned and mixed economies
  3. Group discussion:
-Smith v. Marx: 1 difference or similarity; Which one do you agree with?
  4. Second set of PPC practice problems: First pageSecond page.

Homework due next class (Tue., 9/22 [A]-Wed, 9/23 [B]): Study for short answer test (Chapters 1 and 2), 20 points. Refer to study guide for relevant terms.

Thucydides and the Peloponnesian War

HIST: B/C-Day, Fri., 9/18-Mon., 9/21

  1. Direct instruction: Background of the Peloponnesian War
  2. Introduction to Thucydides
  3. Silent reading of 3 jigsaw sources
  4. Small group discussion of same sources
  5. Mixed group discussion (groups of 3):
To what extent can we trust Thucydides’ account of the Peloponnesian War?
  6. Whole-class discussion

Homework due next class (Tue., 9/22 [A]): Read pages 142-145 and complete homework on Alexander’s Empire.

Athens v. Sparta

HIST: A-Day, Thu., 9/17

  1. Forms of government overview
  2. Video clip on Sparta from The Greeks (10:20 on DVD)
  3. Discussion questions—Small groups, whole class
  4. Allies against Persia: Phidippides video clip from The Greeks (45:30 on DVD)
  5. Critique portrayal of Persians:

-Cyrus on slavery and the Jewish people

-Darius goes after Greeks (3:50)

Homework due next class (Fri., 9/18 [B]-Mon., 9/21 [C]): None.

Interview Results; PPC Practice

A/B-Day, Thu., 9/17/15-Fri., 9/18/15

  1. Group discussion of interview assignment
  2. Finish PPC worksheet handed out last class
  3. Debrief PPC worksheet—Q&A
  4. Second set of PPC practice problems: First pageSecond page.

Homework due next class (Fri., 9/18 [A]-Mon., 9/21 [B]): Complete worksheet reexamining chapters 1 and 2 for next class.

Introductory Terms; Productions Possibilities Curve

B/C-Day, Tue., 9/15/15-Wed., 9/16/15

  1. Review homework
  2. Small groups: Identify factors of production in survival plan
  3. Introduction to production possibility curve, “guns & butter”
  4. Work time for PPC worksheet

Homework due next class (Thu., 9/17 [A]-Fri., 9/18 [B]): Grandparents Day assignment or business interview assignment (25 pts.)

Evolution of Athenian Democracy

B/C-Day, Tue., 9/15/15-Wed., 9/16/15

  1. iPod activity
  2. Forms of government discussion
  3. Video clip from The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization (Watch from 45:30-54:10)
  4. Discussion of inaccuracies/omissions

Homework due next class (Thu., 9/17 [A]): Athens v. Sparta assignment. Use the following link to answer the questions on the second page:

Use of Power Then and Now; Geography of Ancient Greece

HIST: A-Day, Mon., 9/14/15

  1. Background story on Freddie Gray
  2. Who had power? Who did not? Was there abuse of power? (Gyges?)
  3. Debrief: Relevance of power in history today
  4. Syllabus overview, cont’d
  5. Divide into groups of four, distribute maps
  6. Explain geographic features and rules of settlement
  7. Settle regions
  8. Claim land for settlements
  9. Discussion:

-Why did you settle where you did?

-Which was the most productive settlement? That is, where were people able to place the greatest number of tokens? Which was the least productive settlement?

-Why were some settlements more productive than others?

-What would you do if your settlement needed different products and you could not claim more territory?

  1. Video clip – Greece: Crucible of Civilization, section on geography up to overview of Sparta (11:45-14:45) and hero culture (18:30-21:45)

Homework due next class (Tue., 9/15 [B]-Wed., 9/16 [c]): Read pp. 122-127 in your World History textbook. Take Cornell notes or create a mind map of the reading. Make the large red headings your main topics and the bold black headings your subtopics.

Survival Simulation Debrief

ECON: A/B-Day, Mon., 9/14/15-Tue., 9/15/15

  1. Review homework
  2. Seminar reminder
  3. Syllabus overview cont’d
  4. Presentations of survival plans
  5. Debrief: Capital v. consumer goods; factors of production
  6. Small groups: Identify factors of production in survival plan
  7. Introduction to Production Possibilities Curve (time allowing)

Homework due next class (Tue., 9/15[B]-Wed., 9/16[C]): Read Chapter 2 in the textbook. In the study guide handed out in class, write in the definitions for ten (10) terms defined in the textbook. At the end of the study guide under “additional notes,” write three questions that you have about concepts from the chapter. Do not worry about graphing the PPC curve yet.