Post Postion Papers to EC Blogs by Tue., 4/14

Hi there sophomores,

I am feeling much better and will start easing back into work this week. In the meantime, you have some challenging but rewarding work ahead of you for the Eurasian Conference on Friday of this week. Slightly over half of you have already posted your position paper to the appropriate Eurasian Conference blog. Good job!

There are still many of you who have yet to post your position papers, however. This is vital to the work we will be doing on Tuesday in class–we won’t be able to do our next job if you don’t post your position paper to the right blog. This is relatively easy to do. First, go to the issues from the Eurasian Conference web site or follow the link below to access the relevant blog:

2. Carbon Tax
3. Separtist Movements
Oil in the Caspian
5. Nuclear Proliferation
6. Oceans
7. Israel-Palestine

Next, look at the links at the bottom of the main post that explains the issue. There should be a link that says something like, “25 comments.” (The actual number of comments may vary.) Click on that comments link.

You will now see the position papers that other students have posted. Scroll to the bottom of the page. You will see an empty field that says “Enter your comment….” Copy the text of your position paper and paste it into this field. (In some blogs, the comment field is in the upper right hand corner of the page.)

You may select a Google account identity or post as “anonymous,” as long as your name is at the top of  the actual posted assignment.

Click “Publish.” That’s it! For some blogs, you may need to wait for a teacher moderator to approve before it appears online.

I’m looking forward to seeing amazing analysis you all have done.

Kyle Yamada


Eurasian Conf. Position Paper & Pre-Conf. Meeting

Hi there sophomores,

I’ve been really sick with pneumonia and am missing all of you. There are a couple of things that I neglected to have my sub tell you today. The most important is the upcoming pre-conference meeting. As you can see on the Eurasian Conference web site, the first pre-conference meeting takes place this Thursday, April 2, in the Sheldon cafeteria from 5:30-7:00. This will be an opportunity for you to meet with your teammates face-to-face and start preliminary negotiations with other countries.
In order to be prepared, your country team will need every person to complete his/her group-assigned position paper before the meeting. So Thursday is the due date for your position paper. While out-of-school meetings are not mandatory, it is a unique opportunity for you to prepare for the conference and get to know the people involved. Attending will significantly improve your performance (and grade) at the actual conference on the 17th. If you are unable to attend, make arrangements with your group members to share your position paper findings and strategize through other means.
For now, just worry about completing the position paper itself. I will get more directions to you about how to post it to the Eurasian Conference issue blogs once I have more information.
Keep up the good work. I know you will rock the conference!
Kyle Yamada


Modern Middle East Culminating Activity

HIST: B/C-Day, Wed., 3/18-Thu., 3/19

  1. Debrief results of Israeli election
  2. Introduction to IB approach to history: Concepts, content, skills
  3. Matching concepts to content in the Middle East
  4. Write observations on stations around room
  5. Class discussion: Questions and observations

Homework due next class (Fri., 3/20): None.

Promises Activity, EC Business

HIST: A-Day, Tue., 3/17

  1. Introduction to Eurasian Conference position paper assignment
  2. Finish Promises
  3. Discussion with students who focused on same child from film
  4. Discussion with students who focused on different children from film

Homework due next class (Wed., 3/18-Thu., 3/19): Prepare for Modern Middle East assessment activity (50 pts.) by reviewing returned materials, notes.

Exchange Rate Presentations

ECON: A/B-Day, Tue., 3/17-Wed., 3/18

  1. Debrief page 2 of exchange rate worksheet
  2. Introduction to managed and fixed exchange rates
  3. Exchange rate policy recommendations—group prep
  4. Group presentations

Homework due next class (Thu., 3/19): Review for multiple choice test on International Trade concepts learned so far (50 pts.)
-Comparative advantage
-Tariff, quota, subsidy (impact on community surplus)
-Exchange rates

Managed and Fixed Exchange Rates

ECON: C-Day, Mon., 3/16

  1. Debrief exchange rate game
  2. Debrief first page of exchange rate homework
  3. Introduction to managed and fixed exchange rates

Homework due next class (Tue., 3/17-Wed., 3/18): Complete second page of exchange rate worksheet on a separate sheet of paper (5 pts.)

Thu., 3/19: Test on International Trade concepts learned so far (50 pts.)
-Comparative advantage
-Tariff, quota, subsidy (impact on community surplus)
-Exchange rates

Promises, Continued

HIST: B/C-Day, Wed., 3/11-Mon., 3/16

  1. Continue Promises

Homework due next class (Tue., 3/17): None.


HIST: A-Day, Tue., 3/10

  1. Debrief The Square
  2. Start Promises

Homework due next class (Wed., 3/11-Mon., 3/16): None.

Commentary Mop-Up, Floating Exchange Rates

ECON: A/B-Day, Tue., 3/10-Wed., 3/11

  1. Assemble, turn in commentaries
  2. Work on floating exchange rates worksheet
  3. Debrief first problem from worksheet

Homework due next class (Mon., 3/16): Read pages 274-282 in Ch. 26. Trade pretend-money back into U.S. dollars before start of class. Bring printout of trade.

Intro to Currencies

ECON: C-Day, Mon., 3/9

  1. Currency warm-up activity
  2. Commentary mop-up
    Portfolio cover sheet
    Commentary cover sheet
  3. Introduction to currency exchange game
  4. Introduction to floating exchange rates

Homework due next class (Tue., 3/10-Wed., 3/11): Extra credit commentary, required for those taking IB test.

Complete currency trade of $100,000 pretend U.S. dollars into foreign currency; bring printout of trade (2 points). (To complete, go to

IB test-takers must complete a portfolio cover sheet that gives an overview of all three commentaries.

The third commentary also needs its own commentary cover sheet.

All students turning in a paper must submit their work to

Homework due Mon., 3/16: Read pages 274-282 in Ch. 26. Trade pretend-money back into U.S. dollars before start of class. Bring printout of trade.