Protectionism Arguments/Trade Court Wrap-Up

ECON: Thu., 3/5-Fri., 3/6

  1. Check homework
  2. Trade Court
  3. Review notes: Arguments for & against protectionism

Homework Due next class (Mon., 3/9): Extra credit commentary on international trade and protectionism, required for IB economics test takers.

Trade blocs/Trade Court

ECON: C-Day, Wed., 3/4

  1. Lecture on trade blocs
  2. Trade court prep/review
  3. Trade court debates

Homework due next class (Thu., 3/5-Fri., 3/6): No new work. Complete study guide items on trade arguments for and against protectionism. (10 pts.)

Israel/Palestine Dispute Resolution

HIST: B/C-Day, Tue., 3/3-Wed., 3/4

  1. Debrief reading on Arab-Israeli conflict
  2. Group issue identification and slogan making
  3. Collaborative dispute resolution
  4. Group issue presentations
  5. Debrief of the process
  6. Iran update? (Time allowing)

Homework due next class (Thu., 3/5): Finish reading the “Weighing U.S. Priorities in the Middle East” packet from “The Arab Spring” to the end. Complete the “Study Guide—Part 2” handout. (5 pts.)

Middle East Issues/Eurasian Conference

HIST: A-Day, Mon., 3/2

  1. Radio segment: Freedom of expression in Jordan
  2. Collect article analysis 3-5
  3. Debrief Middle East diplomacy sim.
  4. Introduce issues 6-7
  5. Work time on issues 6-7

Homework due next class (Tue., 3/3-Wed., 3/4): Read pp. 25-29 in “Weighing U.S. Priorities in the Middle East” packet, up to (but not including) “The Arab Spring.” Complete questions 7-8 in the “Study Guide—Part 2” handout. (5 pts.)

Important notice: This Friday, March 6, is the last day I will accept late work for the term. The term ends next Wednesday on March 11.

Intro to Trade Blocs, Trade Court

ECON: A/B-Day, Mon., 3/2-Tue., 3/3

  1. Check homework (trade articles)
  2. Lecture: Intro to trade blocs
  3. Dumping v. duties
  4. Trade court intro

Homework due next class (Wed., 3/4): Read pages 261-265 in Chapter 24 of the textbook and complete the relevant portions of the study guide (10 pts.)

Important notice: This Friday, March 6, is the last day I will accept late work for the term. The term ends next Wednesday on March 11.

Trade Article Debrief, Seminar Update

ECON: C-Day, Fri., 2/27

  1. Trade article debrief
  2. Overview of Preliminary Research assignment

Homework due next class (Mon., 3/2-Tue., 3/3): Find a relevant news article about an international trade dispute for use on your third commentary (10 pts.)

Middle East Diplomacy Simulation, Part 2

HIST: B/C-Day, Thu., 2/26-Fri., 2/27

  1. Radio segment: Saudi women
  2. Homework debrief: Iraq war, Iranian politics
  3. Begin task 2: Read, discuss options in groups
  4. Speeches
  5. Caucus to discuss options with other countries
  6. Vote
  7. Radio segment: Freedom of expression in Jordan

Homework due next class (Mon., 3/2): Complete article analyses for Eurasian Conference issues 3-5.

Trade Article Analysis, Cont’d

ECON: A/B-Day, Wed., 2/25-Thu., 2/26


  1. Complete trade article analysis

Homework due next class (2/27): None.

Middle East Diplomacy Simulation, Part 1

HIST: A-Day, Mon., 2/25

  1. Wrap-up/debrief Iranian Revolution
  2. Introduce M.E. diplomacy simulation
  3. Complete task 1: Choosing allies
  4. Begin task 2: Dealing with the “Islamic State”

Homework due next class (Thu., 2/26-Fri., 2/27): Read “Weighing U.S. Priorities in the Middle East” pp. 19-25, up to (not including) “Resolving the Arab-Israeli Conflict.” Complete questions 1-6 in Study Guide Part 2.

Trade Article Analysis

ECON: C-Day, Tue., 2/24
This is an unusual day in which sections 11 and 12 will be doing somewhat different things due to the Smarter Balanced mathematics interim testing.


  1. Section 11: Previous day’s lesson on Quota and Subsidy for students who tested during class yesterday
  2. Section 12 and most of 11: Work on trade article analysis in class
  3. Section 12: Discuss one or more trade articles

Homework due next class (Wed., 2/25-Thu., 2/26): None due. Work on collecting articles for extra credit commentary #3 (due March 9) and researching for the Preliminary Research assignment (Due March 6)