Corporate Responsibility Web Project, Cont’d

ECON: C-Day, Wed., 5/21/14

  1. Introduce project (FI only)
  2. Continue research
  3. Design page

AM 1 section stays with Gerrity for second period to review for IB lit orals.

Homework due next class: None.

Tang and Song Dynasty Inventions

HIST: B-Day, Tue., 5/20/14

  1. Overview of Dynastic chronology
  2. Chinese inventions scroll activity

Homework due next class (Thu., 5/22): Read pp. 335-338 in World History. Address questions 3-8 at the end of the section on page 338. Write responses on a separate sheet of paper. (10 pts.)

Corporate Responsibility Web Project

ECON: B-Day, Tue., 5/20/14

  1. Discussion of socially responsible investing, UO example
  2. Introduction to corp. resp. web project
  3. Choose groups and companies
  4. Begin research

Homework due next class: None.

The Han Dynasty

HIST: A-Day, Mon., 5/19/14

  1. Test date: Wed., 5/28
  • Essay format, 200 points
  • Need detailed knowledge of at least 5 of 10 dynasties
  • Identify patterns and differences in how each dynasty began and fell
  • Focus on unique developments (technological, social, political, artistic) in each dynasty
  • Identify common themes across dynasties
  • Understand the role of political philosophies and the Mandate of Heaven over time
  1. Example test question: How accurate is it to say that all dynasties began and ended the same way?
  2. Example test question: “China’s history is mainly about adherence to tradition, not change.” To what extent do you agree with this statement?
  3. China/Europe Class structure comparison (pp. 202 vs. 361) with partners
  4. Class discussion: Did Han China have feudalism?
  5. Imperial civil service exam: Meritocracy or plutocracy? Connections to America?

Homework due next class (Tue., 5/20): Read pp. 322-329 in World History. Address the questions handed out in class. (10 pts.)

Socially Responsible Investing, Cont’d

ECON: C-Day, Fri., 5/16/14

  1. Complete activity posted previous class

Homework due next class: None.

Unification of China

HIST: B-Day, Thu., 5/15/14

  1. The exception: Zhou Dynasty Feudalism
  2. Dynastic cycle organization activity
  3. Overview: Major features of Qin Dynasty
  4. The matchup: Chinese v. Western political philosophers
  5. Class discussion on philosopher matches

Homework due next class (Mon., 5/19): Read pp. 200-207 in World History. Address the questions handed out in class. (10 pts.)

Socially Responsible Investing

ECON: B-Day, Thu., 5/15/14

In class, you will be assigned one of the following socially responsible mutual funds:

Fund Name            Ticker Symbol

1. Ariel Appreciation Fund (CAAPX)

2. Calvert Social Index (CSXAX)

3. Domini Social Equity Fund (DSEFX)

4. Green Century Balanced Fund (GCBLX)

5. Pax World Fund Balanced (PAXWX)

6. Neuberger Berman Socially Responsive Fund (NBSRX)
(Look towards the bottom of the first page under the heading “Principal Investment Strategies.”)

7. Parnassus Fund (PARNX)
(Look at page 26 under “Responsible Investment Policy.”)

8. Sentinel Sustainable Core Opportunities Fund (MYPVX)

Go to the forum for sustainable and responsible investment’s mutual fund chart:

Select the “Screening and Advocacy” tab and find your fund on the list. Use the screening criteria listed and the information from the fund’s web site to answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper:

1. How do the managers of your fund decide what to invest in?

2. Which criteria take the highest priority?

3. Which take the lowest?


Go to Yahoo Finance:

Enter the ticker symbol for your fund and click “Get quotes.” On the page select a chart on the left hand side (interactive or basic). Click on “compare.” Select the S&P 500 index (^GSPC) and enter the Russell 2000 index manually (^RUT). Examine the performance of this fund compared to the two benchmarks.

Next, click on “performance” on the left hand side of the screen.

4. Based on what you have observed on the last two screens, how has this fund performed…

a. …in the past three months?

b. …in the past year?

c. …in the past five years? (Give percentage gains or losses on a separate paper.)

5. Has the fund performed better or worse than the non-socially responsive benchmarks? Explain.

Now click on “holdings” on the left hand side and scroll down to “sector weightings.”

6. Are the sectors relatively balanced, or are certain industries overrepresented? What kinds of risks or benefits may these weightings produce?

7. Compare the social responsiveness and performance of your fund with a classmate’s fund. Based on the articles you have read, the description of your fund, your analysis of the fund’s performance and your own values, evaluate which fund would be a better buy for building up your own college savings or retirement. Express your view in a well-developed paragraph.

Ancient China

HIST: A-Day, Wed., 5/14/14 

Goal: By the end of the period, students will be able to evaluate the reliability of an archaeological artifact, articulate the influence of geography on Chinese history and identify key term related to ancient Chinese history.


  1. Expectations of China unit: Articulate unique characteristics of each dynasty; common themes across dynasties
  2. Geography discussion questions:
  • Given its physical attributes, why might it be difficult for a government to rule China?
  • How might geography have influenced the development of China’s culture and civilization?
  1. Oracle bone OPVL activity
  2. Lecture recap: Mandate of Heaven, Dynastic Cycle
  3. Discussion question: In what ways was the Zhou Dynasty’s rule and decline similar to Europe in the Middle Ages? (Think feudalism)

Homework due next class (Thu., 5/15): Read pp. 104-109 in World History. Address the questions handed out in class. (10 pts.)

Development Study Presentations

ECON: C-Day, Tue., 5/13/14


  1. Group presentations of development studies

Homework due next class (Wed., 5/14-Thu., 5/15): None.

Development Study Presentations

ECON: B-Day, Mon., 5/12/14


  1. Baby pictures
  2. Group presentations of development studies

Homework due next class (Tue., 5/13): None.